Bengali New Year 2013 and a Giveaway !

*** This Giveway is closed***

Hello Readers,

April is celebration time for us, as you know being a true blooded Bong we never missed any opportunity to dine out or never shied away from showcasing our cooking prowess ! April being Bengali new year or poila baisakh, the first day of baisakh month, we have ample reason to celebrate it, here and in our home too. So throughout this month we will post delicious recipes focussed mainly on Bengali cuisines, so if you do not want to miss a single post then subscribe to our feeds or join our facebook fan page, and we promised you, will keep you delighted enough ! 😉

In the past few months from our online writing assignments we are able to earn few bucks too, so thought of sharing some with my readers as an appreciation for your kind support and love, and off course to ensure the continuation of that ! See my generosity !

THE BIG NEWS – GIVEAWAY OF 1000 Rs Flipkart E-gift Voucher.

Flipkart e gift voucher

Flipkart voucher logo – image credit Flipkart

 This Giveaway is closed now. Check the winner.

Giveaway enter rules :

Following are mandatory rules –

1) Leave a comment on this post only, with your valid email-id. We don’t spams, and email id will not be published, but in case if you win, I can get hold of you in 48 hours. If you fail to respond within that time, we will pick another person as winner.

2) Answer this simple question –

What kind of food or travel post you would like to see on this blog – you can request a recipe too ? or

A simple and honest feedback about the blog. We appreciate all kind of constructive criticism, and we promise to take it in our stride with bit of spices. 😉

3) Share this post on your Facebook profile. If you do not have FB profile (I know those tribes still exist, I had one in my home too, so don’t worry about it ) then please somehow tell your friends or relatives. Point – just pass the word so that others can know about it. And please do it honestly and give others a fair chance to win.

4) Only one entry per person / per email-id / per – ip address / per household / per ….please. Give others a fair chance to win too.


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Other important things you must know :

1) This Giveaway is open to all. But Flipkart does not shipped outside India. So if you have a valid shipping address in India, it will work.

2) Flipkart e-gift voucher is valid through One Year from the day of its creation.

3) Disclaimer : This Giveaway is entirely sponsored by me, from my own pocket (not from my DH’s pocket too !). Flipkart is not associated with this Giveaway- personally or officially.

4) Giveaway contest is open till 20 th April, 2013 24.00 pm EST. Winner will be announced on 21st April 2013.

5) There will be only one winner.  (Now if you show us some love on FB and fill up our bucket with 700 more likes, we will organise another giveaway once we reach 1000 likes, promise !)

6) Comment only if you are entering the giveaway. Please comment only once on this post, and twice if you are going for extra entries. If you are not sure that your comment (Entry) has been posted then mail me here – saffronstreaks at gmail dot com.

Hope we have covered almost all the important points and if you have any further queries, then you can contact me through FB or email me at the above mentioned id .

A request – I would love to know what you have bought  or planning to buy with this voucher.

Happy Winning !

Will return soon