Celebrate Holi roundup

We are presenting you the Roundup of Celebrate Holi  – and thanks to Jagruti for letting me host this. If you want to link up further entries, do email me, I will update the roundup here, accepting the entries till first week of April. Thanks for the contribution and support to the event.

1) Naboneeta ‘s  – a) Delicious  Phirni

b) Mixed Vegetable curry 

c) Bengal gram coconut barfi

2) Lakshmi Priya’s – yummy Tapioca khichdi

3) Nivedham Sowmya’s fabulous Chana dal halwa

4) Soma’s traditional and ethnic recipe – Tilanno/rice and toasted sesame seed pudding


5)  a) Jagruti’s very innovative and delicious – chikoo nariyal and khus khus halwa

 b) Jagruti’s Sukha mawa kachori  :

6) Our contribution to the event – Chocolate and Anjeer / fig fudge or anjeer halwa

fig chocolate fugde

 Until Next