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Hidden treasure inside baked alaska for masterchef

I love you more than anybody can…so kiss me and smile for me..” as the voice of Denver works as a soothing elixir on you and the last drop of molten chocolate glides silkily over your lips making you close your eyes in ecstasy, the sweet luscious juices of ruby-red strawberries dipped in chocolate fondue planted the last kiss on your lips…you wished time stood still there…those precious moments froze forever…and your heart desires … let me indulge in something sinful today […] Read the full post


A tale of two peas – yellow and green

Come winter and the streets will be filled with green peas, young ones freshly graduated from the pods, waiting to experience a new life, looks so pretty and sweet in their green suit that every one adores them, likes them and brought them home. Green peas knows it all well, their hearts swelled up with pride when people complemented them, they adorn the gourmet tables, farmers organizes special festival in honour of them, and they got all the attention in the world, may be for this reason […] Read the full post


Mithais to Cupcakes – Transcending Boundaries

They are sweet, they are pretty, they are cute and adorable. They come in all the vibrant colors one can think of, in all the flavors, with personalized messages, they spread cheer and joy to the gloomiest of the soul and can bring a smile to anyone’s face. They are cupcakes, sweet little pretty cups of sinful indulgence […] Read the full post


Diwali Mithais – Sweet And Bitter Story

Sweets are always an integral part of any joyous or festive celebrations in India and so when Diwali comes the ladoos, pedas, barfis, jalebis , seera, rabdi all dressed in gorgeous attire arrives at the market to lure us which even the calorie conscious people find hard to resist. But the bitter truth behind this sweet story is “are you getting the real stuff” in spite of […]  Read the full post


Dolma The Far East Tradition

Sometimes it is really interesting to know that how the two distinctly divergent culture shares a similar cuisine or how a particular dish which has evolved independently in two distinct country shares a common lineage. And the dolma is exactly the point in case. For generations after generations people […] Read the full post


Who Owns The Rasgulla Or Rosogolla

Rasgulla or rosogolla as far as I know was my sweet dear friend , eons ago in my school. She has a very pretty face and was very sweet looking, chubby, cute and golu-molu kind of. All the teachers fondly called her “rasgulla” after the great Indian dessert ! Then there was this tall Bengali boy who always prefers to eat his lunch alone as […] Read the full post


Hilsa Festival

Well, monsoon is definitely the season for hilsa or ilish – fondly known as ‘queen of fish’ because of its unique taste and characteristic silvery look . These fishes are also great swimmers as they crosses thousands of miles in oceans to spawn their eggs in fresh or estuarine waters. Some of the tastiest breeds of hilsa are […] Read the full post


Monsoon And Hilsa

Monsoon is finally waning down from the Indian subcontinent and in the coming two-three weeks it will mellow down  to autumn with the onset of Navratri festivals and Durga Pujo. As per the Met reports, there was a significant decline in the amount of rainfall this year which brings woes to the farmers,  power sectors, water shortage […] Read the full post


How The Crab Got Its Shell Back

a beautiful folklore….Couple of months back I was reading through the pages of “crab that played with the sea” by Rudyard Kipling. It is a beautiful folklore describing how the crab got its shell back. In the beginning the eldest magician made ready the Earth and the Sea and […] Read the full post


Crab And Its Family

Well that was the story but interestingly crabs are found on every part of the world’s ocean and on land too. They are crustaceans (because of much bargained outer shells!) and are armed with claws and pincers and come in every size from few millimeters like pea crab to few meters like Japanese spider crab! The blue crabs which are […] Read the full post


Getting Crabby In The Kitchen

Coming to the culinary delicacies of crab it is said that the female of the species is tastier and the males are meatier. Crabs are almost versatile in preparation and their mildly sweet succulent meat can arouse anyone taste buds. Crab tastes best when they are live and fresh from sea. Dressing a live crab […] Read the full post

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