Crab and its family

Well that was the story but interestingly crabs are found on every part of the world’s ocean and on land too. They are crustaceans (because of much bargained outer shells!) and are armed with claws and pincers and come in every size from few millimeters like pea crab to few meters like Japanese spider crab!

The blue crabs which are known for their tastier meats are prolific on eastern coast of US and in India they usually found on western coast especially in Cochin. Then there are the mud crabs, horse crabs popular in Asian countries, Dungeness crab which is known for its sweet and succulent meat and the much celebrated King Crab found on Alaska, north Atlantic and Arctic oceans known for its delicately flavored snowy white meat.

The spotted brown crabs are common on the western coast of India whereas the coastal plains of Orissa and West Bengal wore a spectacular red look when these red beauties came out of their little homes to bask in the morning sun. However these red crabs are not edible.

One more interesting variety is the coconut crab also known as robber crab as they climb trees to rob the coconut of their soft kernel inside. They live alone in underground rock crevices and are found in Indian and Central Pacific ocean, also widely known in Andaman-Nicobar islands.