mithais to cupcakes – transcending boundaries

They are sweet, they are pretty, they are cute and adorable. They come in all the vibrant colors one can think of, in all the flavors, with personalized messages, they spread cheer and joy to the gloomiest of the soul and can bring a smile to anyone’s face. They are cupcakes, sweet little pretty cups of sinful indulgence with fairy tale charms, wins every heart, invokes desire, tickles the taste buds, inspires many a crumbs-to-riches stories , and has an International Day of Importance named after them. They announces the birth, celebrate the weddings, raise the curtains on many ceremonies and for every special moments comes custom-made.

After winning millions of hearts they have baked their way to Indian shores where the followers of a great kingdom of Indian Sweets (mithais) were waiting for an International gourmet dessert to arrive and are met with phenomenal responses. These pretty cupcakes have sweetly challenged the rule of gulabjamuns and its huge army of jalebis, kaju katlis, laddoos, pedas and many from the higher and lower ranks of nobility who till now zealously guarded the kingdom of Great Indian Dessert.

Chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes - Image courtesy: wikimedia commons

Will they be able to charm the hearts of Indians ? Only time can tell and their success quotient lies in their endless versatility, inspirational creativity, adaptability on both culture and country specific and are the proponents of individualist. These über cool sugar frosted cupcakes become gourmet crackers this Diwali and are going to stay here.

Perplexed with this new obsession for cupcakes, my wicked mind which has vouched for an unconditional love and devotion for gulabjamuns tries to instigate a war against cupcakes by approaching the macrobiotic lobbies as cupcakes are high on sugar, their showiness is all attributed to the food colors and contains other additives which are certainly not recommended in large proportions.

And on a final note , my friend who is a diehard gulabjamun fan once said- “gulabjamun khane ke baad duniya kitni haseen lagti hai” which translates to after having gulabjamun the world seems to be so beautiful.

Can we say that for cupcakes?

Send me your views to save our gulabjamuns and please contribute (by gorging on gulabjamun daily) significantly to ‘save gulabjamun project’.

Refuting all the craziness for cupcakes and its über cool quotients, I am going to share the recipe for khova gulabjamuns which I decided to make on this Diwali. So stay tuned with us and do eat gulabjamuns !