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We are open for product reviews (related to food only) and book reviews (food / travel).

We understand “CONTENT IS KING” and rich , varied and original content is our motto and hence we do accepts “Guest Blogging” at our blog. At Saffronstreaks we encourages and welcomes only those GUEST BLOGGERS  who brings high quality and ORIGINAL content.

As you are well aware of the fact that ours is a food and travel site so anything focussed on it is highly welcome, and below are few guidelines to get started with :

Guidelines for Guest Blogging :

1) The blog post should be focussed only on  FOOD & TRAVEL  like food stories, recipe post, travelogues, gourmet travelling, travel tips, food or travel literature reviews etc, we only accepts such posts.

2) The content should be of high quality and  ORIGINAL . We do not accept sloppy posts.

3) The blog post must be at least 500 words in length, properly formatted without any typos and we accepts the guest blog posts only through email.

4) We reserve the RIGHT TO PROOFREAD the content w/o losing the author’s voice.

5) All the  COPYRIGHTS  pertaining to the content and photographs remains with the author. If you have used licensed photographs , then credit should be given to its owner.

6) We have strict  REPUBLISHING  Policy – in any case you are not allowed 100%  reproduction of the same content in print or in cyberspace, however partial republishing is allowed provided you back link the article or credit the original source.

7) The blog post should not at any point sounds like a  SALES PITCH  and should not be SYNDICATED across the blogosphere before appearing on our site.

8) As ours is a  NON MONETIZE  site (so far), so we can not really pay you for the guest post.

9) Only ONE VALID AND RELEVANT LINK is allowed in the Author’s byline. We also reserve the right to use valid KEYWORDS in the content.

11) We do accepts guest post from non-bloggers and our readers too.

12) NO ADVERTISEMENTS of any sort, links to your sister sites, affiliated links or friends sites or any hidden or embedded links are allowed.

13) We reserve the right to PUBLISH OR NOT TO PUBLISH the content if we found that it does not meet our guidelines.

14) You article should be steer clear of any PROFANITY, trace of racial, caste, creed, religion, nationality, language based offensive remarks in your content.

15) Spread the love – We would highly appreciate that if you share your guest post in your social circle via Twitter or Facebook or Google plus or Pinterest whichever suits you.

If you intend to write guest post for us, then contact us through this form, we will get in touch with you and before making up your mind we would advise you to kindly go through the guidelines and if it suits you, then do reply back with the topics (that you intend to write about), supportive snaps and the desirable dates of publishing the content.


Read our Guest Bloggers here :

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2) Thai grilled squid in green sauce  a recipe post with short interview by Tesney Ap

3) Mangsho ghugni / Mutton keema with green peas  a recipe post with short interview by Deepashri Deb




 If you have a blog or website related to food or travel, and are looking for guest post for your site then do leave a reply in the comment section, we will get in touch with you asap. We write both sponsored and non-sponsored guest post but it should be related to FOOD & TRAVEL only.

Our Guest post at :

1) Baingan ka bharta goes Mediterranean a recipe post with short insight at Kalyani’s Sizzling Tastebuds

 2) Mango Sandesh / fudge a recipe post with short insight into Bengal’s (In India) sweet meat shops at Eat Your World
Thanks for your time and patience and if you have any queries, leave your feedbacks in the comment section. We will get back to you ASAP.

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