Recipe Index

***Updated 15th April 2015***

Appetizers / Starters / Snacks  (28)

sweet potato patties

Mochar Pakora / Banana blossom fritters
Mochar chop / Banana blossom appetizer
Fish kabiraji cutlet
Crackling spinach
Hara bhara kebab /Veggie kebab
Shami kebab
Spicy chicken wings with barbecue sauce
Grilled shrimps with thousand island dressing
Zucchini fritters
Bharwan mirch / stuffed chili peppers
Stuffed chilies with roasted eggplants and olives
Apple pecan cigar rolls
Baked tofu with crunchy peanuts crust
Bruschetta with pesto and sundried tomato
Koraishutir kochuri and aloo dum
Samosas the great Indian snacks
Dhokla / steamed lentil cakes
Paneer tikka in green chutney
Bacon wrapped jalapeno & cheese appetizer
Paneer reshmi kebab
Mung daler bhaja pithe / Savory lentil shells stuffed with coconut
Crispy baked fish fingers
Savory tomato and cheese hearts
Minty green chicken skewers/ hariyali murg kebab

Sin Hoi baby corn appetizer
Sweet potato tikki or patties
American crab cakes / crabby patties
Dimer devil / Bengali style deviled eggs

Cakes & Gateaux / Pies & Tarts / Cookies & Biscotti / Pastries /Baked desserts  (31)

savarin cake
Chocolate Cupcakes
Plum cake ‘tatin’
Lemon blueberry loaf cake
Easy breezy fudge brownies 
Blueberry pie
Pumpkin pie tart
Chocolate hazelnut pots de creme
Chocolate coconut slices
Chilli spiced chocolate cherry tartlets
Rich fruit cake for Christmas
Rosemary cookies with lemony flavour
Sticky chocolate and date pudding

Ultimate double chocolate brownie hearts
Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
Double chocolate drop cookies
Oreo cheesecake with zest of orange
Nazook / Armenian Pastry
Eggless chocolate cake with simple chocolate frosting
Chocolate meringue kisses
Pumpkin pie with ginger spiced chocolate crust
Almond crusted tart filled with carrot pudding
Triple chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache
Mango flan with coconut cream
Apple cinnamon maple glazed bundt cakes
Bakewell tart with blueberry jam
Summer Lemon star cookies
Savarin cake in saffron-pineapple syrup filled with Chantilly cream
Dark chocolate cake filled with mousse and covered with ganache
Key lime pie spiked with chipotle jam
Whole wheat chocolate fruit and nut bar

Apple cinnamon tea cake with brown sugar crumb topping

bombay pav buns

Breads & Buns / Muffins / Scones / Pizzas   (12)

Pumpkin bread
Apple cinnamon buns / rolls  
Cheesy popovers
Banana pecan quick bread
Orange poppy seed muffin
Creamy Scones with currants
Zopf or Swiss braided bread
Southern honey cornbread muffins
Chocolate banana oat muffins
Honey and Date bread
Mazanec – Czech Easter bread
Hawaiian ham and pineapple pizza in barbecue sauce
Butter buns or dinner rolls 


 Desserts (no – bake ) / Ice creams – gelato  / Truffles / Candies / Fudge & Bars (8)

cherry icecreamStrawberry mousse
Strawberry panna cotta
Cinnamon spiced coffee mousse
Chocolate honey truffles (Sugarless)
Fig and chocolate fudge / Anjeer halwa
Strawberry yogurt no bake cake
No bake lemon cheesecake (gelatin free + eggless)
Roasted cherry icecream


Vegetarian & Vegan Mains  (36)

garlic turnip greens

Labra / Bengali mix vegetable
Phulkopir dum / Roasted cauliflower
Dhokar dalna / Curried steamed lentil cakes
Potoler dolma / Stuffed pointed gourd
Rajasthani Gatte ka saag
Hyderabadi bagara baingan / tempered eggplants
Cream of potato curry
Hyderabadi mirchi ka salan / curried chillies in Hyderabadi style
Hariyali methi chaman
Braised eggplants in tangy tamarind sauce
Begun basanti / eggplants in mustard sauce
Cabbage manchurian rolls
Achari baingan / eggplants in pickling spices
Navratan korma (Mix veggies) in Mughlai style
Phulkopir malaikari / Cauliflower stewed in coconut milk
Vegetable manchurian with fried rice
Paneer mughlai
Palak paneer
Bengali chanar kalia / curried cheese dumplings
Paneer makhani / Indian paneer butter masala
Indian shahi paneer malai kofta
Baingan ka bharta in Mediterranean style
Herbed falafel in almond sauce
Bharwan aloo ke kofte / stuffed potato kofta curry
Thai style stir fried tofu with basil
Subzi diwani handi / Indian mix vegetable curry
Stir fried Ivy gourds / tindora
Stir fried turnip greens and lentil soup
Aloo Posto / Potatoes in poppy seed sauce
Mochar ghonto / Stir fired banana blossoms
Drumstick curry Bengali style
Thai eggplants with cherry tomatoes – stir fry
Shahi dum aloo / Royal baby potato curry

Plantain skin mash
Bateta nu shaak / Gujarati dry potato curry
Sookhi arbi / Pan fried spicy taro roots

Fish & Sea food Mains (23)

tel koi bengali fish

Daab chingri/prawn in tender coconut
Chingri / prawn malai curry
Bhapa chingri / steamed prawn
Goan crab curry
Bhetki paturi / fish wrapped in banana leaves
Chital macher muthia (fish dumplings)
Bhapa ilish /steamed hilsa
Narkel ilish or Hilsa in coconut milk
Fried fish in Kerala style
Ilish aam kasundi / hilsa flavoured with mango mustard sauce
Sorshe diye macher jhal / fish in bengali mustard sauce
Thai grilled squid with green sauce (Guest Post)
Bengali style Tel koi or koi fish in mustard oil
Shrimp with baby bok choy stir fry
Cauliflower and shrimp curry Bengali style
Chili spiked tilapia /fish  in mango sauce
Tangra Maach / Bengali fish with eggplants and spring onions
Crispy fried tilapia fish in cilantro walnut sauce
Pan seared Red Snapper in Vera cruz style
Canned sardines in Indian style
Curried Sea Bass in coconut milk
Spicy shrimp mash with coconut
Bengali fish curry / fish kalia recipe


Meat, Lamb & Poultry Mains (18)

morrocan lamb tagine apricots

Kosha mangsho / Bengali goat curry
Goan fried chicken
Chicken vindaloo
Doi murgi /Tender chicken in yogurt sauce
Bengali chicken rezala with roasted almonds
Three herb roasted chicken with honey and maple glaze
Turkey roulade with apple cider gravy
Green chicken curry in Microwave
Mansho ghugni / Minced meat keema curry (Guest Post)
Prosciutto stuffed chicken roulade with cashew butter sauce
Aloo gosht / Mutton with potatoes Indian style
Calcutta Mutton Chaap / rib chops
Lamb korma in saffron and almond sauce
Moroccan lamb tagine with apricots
Mutton Do Pyaaza / Indian mutton curry with extra onion
Sunday chicken curry Bengali style
Mexican ground chorizo with peas / keema matar
Herb crusted turkey with sage butter and garlic gravy


Indian mithais / sweets (33)

qubani ka meetha

Pumpkin Halwa
Gajar ka halwa
Doodhi halwa / gourd pudding

Broken wheat kheer
Strawberry phirni
Mango kheer
Rosogollar payesh / rasgulle ki kheer
Bengali rice pudding with jaggery / nolen gurer payesh
Sweet yogurt / Bengali mishti doi
Orange basundi

Bhapa Sandesh
Strawberry flavoured bhapa sandesh / fudge
Mango sandesh a summer delight
Kalakand / Indian milk fudge
Mawa barfi with orange flavour

Gulab jamuns (Khova)
Malpua with apple rabdi / Syrupy Indian Pancakes
Mawe ki kachori and pedha
Coconut sweet balls / laddoos
Pithe patishapta or rice crepes with coconut filling
Bread rasmalai
Gujiya with chocolate flavour
Paneer Jalebi / Bengali chanar jalebi
Til badam ki chikki / Sesame almond brittle
Kesar Mango kulfi / Indian frozen dessert with mango

Hyderabadi Qubani ka meetha / Apricot fool
Kaju barfi malai / Cashew fudge cream
Rava kesari / Semolina pudding with pineapple and saffron
Mishti aloo’r pantua / Sweet potato gulab jamuns
Gur’er naru / Coconut jaggery sweet balls
Saffron pineapple halwa / pudding
Rosh bora / drunken lentil fritters


Salads & Dressings (4)

pineapple mango salsa
Simple green salad with basil vinaigrette
Baby carrot salad with dill dressing
Pineapple, mango and avocado salsa
Mediterranean chickpeas & couscous salad


Legumes / Lentils (Dals) (3)

odisha dalma recipe

Dalma – lentils & vegetables from Orissa
Middle Eastern white beans
Mexican black bean chili


Soups & Stews (13)

tom kha kai

Potato leek soup
Cream of mushroom soup
Moroccan spiced chickpea soup
New England ‘s clam chowder soup
Tom Kha Kai / Thai chicken coconut soup
16 bean soup with smoked chorizo
Creamy potato corn soup
Red lentil soup with carrot and red bell pepper
Creamy pea and mint soup
Borscht / Russian style beet root soup veg version
Spicy carrot ginger soup
Sweet potato and butternut squash soup
Cream of red bell pepper soup


Rice / Pilaf / Biryani   (6)

keema biryani rice

Keema biryani
Carrot and broccoli rice pilaf
Jamaican rice and beans with mangoes
Sweet bell pepper pilaf
Risotto prima vera
Eggplant and babycorn biryani


Pasta & Noodles (5)

pad thai / Thai noodle dish

Spaghetti with tofu balls
Rotini with mushroom and broccoli in Alfredo sauce
Chicken lasagna
Pad Thai
Fideua (vermicelli pasta) with seafoods


Indian flat breads / Wraps / Tortillas (4)

Gujarati methi thepla
Chicken enchilada
Mexican bean enchilada
Methi / fenugreek greens thepla / flatbreads
Mughlai paratha / meat minced stuffed paratha

Breakfast / Street food / Fast food (14)

pumpkin pancakes

American pancakes
Egg tomato sandwich
Flax seed pancakes with cinnamon flavour
Toasted vermicelli with fruits
Mixed berry french toast bake
Tofu and mushroom burger
Moroccan sweet couscous
Banana pancakes with chocolate chips and pecan
Mumbai Pav Bhaji 
Indori poha / Flattened rice 

Creamy scrambled eggs with chives
Portabella mushroom slider sandwich
Savory butternut squash pancakes
Radhaballavi / lentil kachori and spicy dum aloo



Chutneys / Preserves / Pickles / Dips (3)

green unripe mango chutney

Green mango chutney
Mediterranean hummus in three flavours
Indian mixed vegetable pickle


Spice Blends & Sauces (4)

hot garlic sauce recipe

Pumpkin pie spice blend
Bengali Garam Masala spice blend
Hot chilli garlic sauce
Spicy and tangy beetroot sauce


Drinks & Beverages (4)

Guava fruit punch
Green Mango drink / Aam panna
Sugar free watermelon mint lemonade
Watermelon smoothie