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bhapa sandesh

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…bhapa sandesh or steamed sandesh – a Bengali sweetdish…

We are concluding the series on “poila baisakh special recipes” on a sweet note with one of the signature dish from the Bengali cuisine – Bhapa sandesh.

Bhapa Sandesh or the steamed sandesh


Bhapa Sandesh

Milk: 1 liter
Powdered sugar: 2-3 tbsp
Vanilla essence: few drops
Lemon juice: 1
Raisins: few for garnishing

Method to Prepare:

To make fresh channa or cottage cheese:

see here for an illustration of channa or homemade cheese

Bring the milk to the first boil and then add juice of one lemon or 1tbsp white vinegar (citric acid) or 1tbsp sour curd. Wait for sometime and observes that milk starts curdling. Once the milk curdles, separate it from the whey (that is draining the liquid). Put the channa or cottage cheese in a muslin cloth (pure cotton handkerchiefs will do), tied it well and keep it in dry place for sometime to settle. Knead the channa or cottage cheese till smooth.

To make the sandesh:

Add the sugar and vanilla essence into the freshly prepared channa or cheese and mix properly. To make it more rich, condensed milk can be added but this is optional.

Take an aluminum foil or a tray and spread the channa evenly, make sure to give it a square or round shape and at least half-inch in thickness. Fold the foil properly and cover it well so that water cannot enter. If requires fold it in two layers of foil. Instead of foil, a tray or any small container with the proper lid can be used for the purpose.

Steam it either in pressure cooker or on a gas stove by putting a vessel filled half with water. The tray or the foil should float on it (not immersed completely).

Steam it for 15-20 minutes, take off from the heat, cool it off and refrigerate it.

Cut the sandesh into pieces and garnish with raisins.

Serve the bhapa sandesh cold.


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    January 31, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    Perfect and so easy recipe. Thanks. I tried today and just had a piece of it after cooling properly in the fridge. It has come out so yummy I swear. Thanks again. Keep it up

    • Reply
      January 31, 2013 at 4:41 pm

      Thank you so much Ramesh for trying the bhapa sandesh and letting us know. We strive on reviews like yours. Glad that you find it yummy. We often make this as this one is easier than the regular sandesh.


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