bhoger khichuri, chutney and payesh

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Ashtami te bhoger khichuri, labra, tomato khejur chutney and payesh
khichuri bhog durga puja

There is no recipe for bhoger khichuri becuasue it is simply pure and divine. The recipe here is for those who want to offer it to Ma Durga, khichuri bhog – no onion no garlic.

Bhoger khichuri
Govindobhog or any fragrant rice: 1 cup
Moong daal : 1 cup
Green peas: ¼ cup
Cauliflower: 5-6 medium florets
Potatoes : 2-3
Tomato: 1
Turmeric powder: 1 tsp
Chili powder: 1 tsp
Cumin powder: 1 tsp
Ginger paste: 2 tsp
Green chilies( slit down the middle): 2-3
Bay leaves: 1 or 2
Cinnamon stick: ½ inch, Cloves: 2-3, Green cardamoms: 2-3
Water: ½ l
Salt and sugar to taste
Ghee :2 tbsp

Method to prepare:

Dry roast the moong dal till it leaves an aroma and the color changes to brown, pour some water over it, drain the water and remove the scum, keep the moong dal separate.
Wash the rice and keep it aside. Heat some ghee in a cooker, and sauté the potato and cauliflower florets lightly. Take them out and keep aside.
Now put in the bay leaves along with daal and rice, add little salt, ginger paste and all the spices except garam masalas. Sauté well. When the masalas are done, put in the tomato, green chilies, peas, potato and cauliflowers. Sauté for few more minutes.

Pound the garam masalas and put them in. Add the sugar and adjust the salt. Add water and stir it well once, so that it doesn’t stick at the bottom. Close the lid and pressure cook for about 10 minutes.

To prepare tomato khejur chutney / tomato and date chutney


tomato chutney

Tomato and date chutney

Heat some oil in a pan and temper it with dry red chillies and 1 teaspoon of panch phoron (an equal proportion of kalonji, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds and celery seeds (radhuni) or white mustard seeds).

Put a bay leaf, half-inch stick of cinnamon, few cloves and green cardamoms and fry till they leaves their aroma. Now add the tomatoes cut into chunks (2-3 cup) and fry for few minutes. Add 2-3 tbsp of sugar and stir well. Leave on a low heat for few minutes till the tomatoes melts down.

Next add a fistful of raisins and cashew nuts, khejur (dates cut into halves) and if possible aamsattva (mango papad). Add some water, stir well and cook for few more minutes .

Drizzle a spoonful of roasted cumin powder, a pinch of red chilli powder and black pepper powder. Mix well, check your desired consistency and serve with khichuri , pulao or simply as an accompaniment.

To prepare payesh / rice pudding / kheer



Chaler payesh / rice pudding / kheer Bengali style

Milk: 200ml
Rice (gobindo bhog) or any fragrant rice: 6 tsp
Misri (candy sugar crystals): 1 tsp
Bay leaf: 1 or 2
Cardamom pods: 2-3

Method: Soak the rice (gobindo bhog or dubraj or any fragrant small to medium grain rice in water for 30 minutes. Drain and let it dry for few more minutes.

Take 200ml of milk in a vessel and bring it to the first boil. Add the bay leaf and the cardamom pods.

Now slowly add the soaked rice and stir continuously. Cook it on a low flame till the rice become soft (till the rice cooked up to 60%).

Add the sugar and mix it well with the milk. Keep on stirring till the sugar melt and is incorporated well.

Add a teaspoon of misri and mix it well. Check for the desired consistency and take off from the heat.

Serve hot or cold as dessert or with puris.

Few important notes:
this recipe serves one and measurement is very important (specially the ratio of milk to rice).
Stirring continuously means do not leave it for single minute otherwise rice and milk will be separated.
Rice should not be overcooked (rice should be cooked up to 80%).
Misri is optional.


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