doi murgi / tender chicken curry simmered in yogurt

In most of the north Indian restaurants, it is the butter chicken or the kadhai chicken which is ubiquitously present every where in its so many avatars but when it comes to Bengali restaurants it is the humble doi chicken which takes the centre stage.

It left me quizzical enough to explore the labyrinths of Bengali cuisines and their origin but to my dismay I found none which can justify the origin of this dish.  It is perhaps a derivative of Bengal’s famous doi maach / fish in yogurt sauce which is quiet regular at every Bengali’s homes but is it really worth to showcase it as a delicacy ?

And my dubiousness almost evaporates when I got a chance to taste it a sub-urban Bengali restaurant. The pieces of chicken were succulent and tender, at the same time juicy and was bursting with subtle flavours. It was quiet hard to decipher what goes into it to make this amazing chicken curry as the spices, sugar and flavour was in a perfect balance. This simple but amazing recipe hooked me to this restaurant since then.

After many attempts I arrived at this recipe and was quiet pleased about the outcomes as it was in total sync with restaurant style doi murgi. Try this and you might find a simmilarity with the doi murgi of 6 Ballygunge place.

doi murgi

doi murgi / tender chicken curry simmered in yogurt

Chicken (curry cut): 1 kg
Curd : 3 cups
Onion paste : 2-3 tbsp
Ginger paste : 2 tsp
Few pieces of cloves and cinnamon
Bay leaf : one
Red chilli powder : 1-2 tsp
Cumin powder : 2 tsp

Garam masala powder: 1 tsp
Poppy seed paste : 2 tsp
Salt and sugar to taste
Oil : 3 tbsp


Prepare the marinade by  adding one cup curd, sprinkle some salt on it and add a spoon of red chile powder in a mixing bowl. Blend it well and keep it separate.

Wash and clean the chicken and marinate it for at least an hour.

Heat some oil in a kadhai / skillet and temper it with cloves and cinnamon. Add the onion paste and fry it till the onion starts browning. Next add the ginger paste and saute further for few more minutes.

Now add the marinated chicken pieces one by one and cook it in high flame for few minutes (5-7 minutes) till the pieces of chicken starts to brown. Lower the heat and add the red chilli powder, cumin powder and sugar to taste. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes.

Take off from the heat and let it cool for couple of minutes.

In a bowl add the remaining two cups of curd, salt, garam masala powder and poppy-seed paste. Blend it well and add this to the chicken.

Mix it thoroughly and cover the pan, simmer the chicken in yogurt on low heat till done.

Adjust the seasonings and serve the hot doi murgi with plain steamed rice or any pulao / pilaf.