Fish in Bengali mustard sauce / sorshe diye macher jhaal

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If you are planning a Poila baisakh house party this weekend then do check our exclusive Bengali Cuisine Archive, and I am sure it will end your search for all the authentic Bengali recipes. This is just not an archive but repository of all the classic Bengali dishes that I have learnt and inherited from my mother and some are experimental too, and am sure it will be able to guide you to plan a full course Bengali Luncheon.

Unlike the previous years, this time we prefer to keep it simple, no extravagant lavish luncheonbut plain and simple good old fish recipes with its characteristic mustard sauce which is perhaps the best reward after so much travel, vacationing and incessant shopping – eating….

fish in bengali mustard sauce

Going by the saying that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” , here we present this simple fish recipe in mustard sauce spiced with green chillies and off course cooked in mustard oil. At the end of the day fish curry rice or macher jhol is all a Bong need, can we say this as “a true homecoming” !

Recipe: Fish in Bengali mustard sauce

Summary: Fish curry in bengali mustard sauce and spiced with green chillies


  • Fish fillet or steak cut : 4
  • Yellow mustard seeds (soaked in water for an hour or more): 3-4 tbsp
  • Green chillies : 4-5 or as required
  • Ginger paste : 2 tsp
  • Turmeric powder : 1 tsp
  • Cumin powder : 1 tsp
  • Red chilli powder (optional) : 1/4 tsp
  • Salt and sugar to taste
  • Mustard oil : 2-3 tbsp
  • Cilantro to garnish


  1. Wash the fish fillet or steaks and rub the turmeric and salt over it. Keep it for half an hour.
  2. Grind the soaked mustard seeds with half of the green chillies in mixer to a smooth and creamy paste.
  3. Heat the mustard oil in a pan till it reaches the smoking point.
  4. Carefully place the fish fillet in hot mustard oil and fry the fish lightly till you get a golden brownish hue.
  5. Take out the fish and blot it on tissue papers.
  6. To the same oil, add the ginger paste with little salt and saute for few seconds.
  7. Next add the mustard paste, lower the heat and fry it for few minutes.
  8. Add the remaining green chillies, all the spices along with sugar and salt.
  9. Fry on medium heat for couple of minutes.
  10. Add the water, drop the fish pieces and let it simmer for few more minutes.
  11. Check the seasonings and garnish with cilantro.
  12. Serve the fish in mustard sauce over bed of rice.

Quick notes

Oil should be smoking hot otherwise fish will stick to the pan. Think ahead – Mustard paste can be prepared a day before, and can be kept in a jar up to one week.


I have tried this recipe with cod fillet but back home in India we generally prepare this with bekti fillet. You may try any fish you love. Mustard oil gives extra flavouring to the dish, but you can use other oil too.

Preparation time: 1 hour(s)

Cooking time: 20 minute(s)

Number of servings (yield): 2

Culinary tradition: Indian (Bengali Cuisine)

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fish in mustard sauce
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