gajar ka halwa

sinful gajar ka halwa

Carrot is good for health no doubt !  Drinking a glass of fresh carrot  juice daily will keep you in the pink of your health, you know it very well, you have been told so by many people, and you have probably read as much at so many places. But will you do that ? Nah !

When winter approaches and fresh stocks of ruby-red carrots arriveto tease youtempt you, your fickle mind starts driftingand tossing the idea, shall I or shall I not ? So off  you go to the local market, choose the juiciest and reddest bunchof carrots in bunches of two, three or five and convince yourself that you will eat all the carrots in the salads daily (will you really do that ?). The very next moment your friend facebooks you – holding a bowl of gajar ka halwa.


gajar halwa

Ruby red grated carrots, all set for halwa !

Well she does not care about her waistline but you certainly do. And you promise yourself that very next day you will sweat in the gym for full two hours. Oath taken, and in some confused state of mind you open the fridge and see the carrots smiling at you . Dismissing every thought you put them in the grater. Well tomorrow is then another day, let me indulge in something sinful today. Such is the temptation for gajar ka halwa !

Enjoy gajar ka halwa without any regrets !


gajar ka halwa

Super yummy gajar ka halwa

Red Carrot (gajar): 1 kilo
Cashew nuts (cut into halves); Almonds (sliced); raisins: 3/4 cup
Cloves: 4-5
Cardamom: 3-4
Milk solids (khova): 1/2 cup
Sugar: 1 1/2 cup
Toned Milk: 500 ml
Ghee (Indian clarified butter): 4 tbsp
Bay leaf: two

Method to prepare:

Wash the carrots or gajar thoroughly and peel off the skin. I prefers the red gajar or carrots as they are better in taste and color than their orange counterparts. Now grate the carrots little coarsely with the help of a vegetable grater.

Heat 500 ml of milk in a deep bottomed vessel. As the milk starts boiling (reduce it little before adding the carrots) add the grated carrots (gajar) and stir it continuously on a low-medium flame. Stirring it continuously until the last drop of milk get absorbed by the carrots. Keep it aside.

Heat 3 tablespoon of ghee in a non-stick frying pan and add bay leaves, cloves and cardamoms. As the aroma starts coming add the carrots (gajar) and fry it for few minutes.

Next add the sugar (you can cut the sugar part if you are using condensed milk), milk solids or khova to it, and stir it continuously on a medium flame until it mixes well.

Sprinkle a tablespoon of ghee on the gajar ka halwa and garnish with the dry fruits.

Serve the gajar ka halwa hot or cold as preferred.

A twist in the tale: gajar ka halwa usually people prefers it alone or with scoop of vanilla icecream. Why not try it with freshly sliced apricots, diced apples or even mangoes !

Sharing this sinful bowl of gajar ka halwa with the event: MMK Indian mithai mela by kalyani.


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