hot and spicy chicken wings with barbecue sauce

How many times it happens to you that you want to dish out a recipe and you run out of a specific ingredient in your pantry, most of the times ??, never or sometimes ??  Well, I am not in a habit of keeping a well-stuffed pantry because many a times it happens that the un-opened bottle of sauce got expired (specially those which has very short shelf life) and it heads straight to the bin !   

Waste !!! Waste !!! and more Waste !!!

Now I have a 3lb of chicken wings in my freezer (already thawed) but I could not found a good condiment to go with it and this struck me late at night around 9 pm when most of the neighbourhood grocery shop closed down for the day !! Lesson learnt you must have a barbecue sauce in your pantry !!! 😀

And as they say necessity is the mother of all invention ( I know it sounds too exaggerating !! ) , here originates my quick fix barbecue sauce. Now, there are several versions of barbecue sauces in the market, depending upon the regions, but few things stay common in them and that is the element of sweetness, tangyness and the heat. Now, you play with these elements to suit your palate, to get a close approximation of your favourite barbeque sauce.

 And all you need is a ketchup and soy sauce and I guess these two condiments tops the list of essential sauces in every pantry. So a bit of soy sauce (more if you prefers a thin sauce), if it is already has some flavour then too good, some tomato ketchup, sweetness you can adjust with the honey, and black pepper and cayenne will bring out the heat in the sauce. A dash of lemon to zest it further and wait ! most of the barbecue sauce has meat drippings too, well for that soak a piece of chicken in the sauce before simmering it on low flame.  

 buffalo wings

This may not be a close approximation of your favourite barbecue sauce but you wont be complaining as this will turn out to be a finger licking spicy chicken wings ! Prepare a bed of lettuce and place the fried / grilled / chicken wings on it, add the quick fix barbecue sauce towards the end of fried chicken wings and if you have some dips / dressings pour over it, like I did with ranch dressing (yes, I sometimes have some odd and uncommon things in my pantry), this will bring out a nice imitation of buffalo wings.

Buffalo (a place in NY state) is famous for its chicken wings, while people of Buffalo eats chicken wings and for the rest of US, it is Buffalo wings, sometimes names can be so overpowering that it becomes almost synonymous with the dish or recipe itself.  Enjoy !


Chicken wings : 1 lb

Tomato ketchup : 1/2 cup
Soy sauce (mine was chilli flavoured) : 1 cup
Garlic powder / paste : 2-3 tsp
Cayenne powder : 1/2 tbsp (adjust the heat as per your choice)
Black pepper powder : 1 tsp
Salt not required as soy sauces are usually little higher on salt
Honey : 1/4 cup
Lemon juice : 1 tbsp (depends upon how much tangy you wants)
Oil for shallow frying

Instruction / method:

Cut the chicken wings into half so that it can sit flat on the pan, but this is optional, if you have a large pan then this is not required. Sprinkle some salt over it and shallow fry it in hot oil.

For quick fix barbecue sauce : combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl (except chicken off course) and blend well, let it stand for an hour, this will incorporates the flavour well.

Now in a separate pan, grease it slightly with oil and add the sauce, simmer on low flame for 5 minutes.

Pour the hot sauce over the crispy fried chicken wings towards the end, coat the chicken wings well with the sauce and let it fry for couple of minutes on low flame.

Serve the hot chicken wings on a bed of lettuce and other veggies, drizzle some ranch dressing over it (optional) and enjoy the finger licking chicken wings.

buffalo wings


Sharing these hot and spicy chicken wings with the event: Serve it : fried @ Denny’s oh taste n see, and Krithi of Krithis kitchen

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  1. If possible I would have come over to your place to have this yummy chicken, seriously this looks so tempting… And yeah, it’s bit hard to handle phyllo sheets at the first attempt. As soon as you remove from the package cover with a damp cloth, so that it don’t dry. If your sheets tear a bit, that’s ok, it’ll hide inside. If you have any further doubts I’m always there to share my experience :)

  2. I like it…very nice recipe, in fact wing is the only part in a chicken I dislike the least , will try soon…

  3. Hi Sukanya,
    That is one good looking plate of chicken wings. We would just love that wonderful blend of spice in your recipe. I can almost taste it and the fire…lol. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope to see again real soon! Hope you are having a great week end!
    Miz Helen

  4. i feel these events are a big scam, its just an easy way to get more followers, I love ur blog,but got turned off when you asked ur viewers to like ur page. you have an amazing blog.people will like it for the quality of recipes you have ,but why do you put a rule that we should like it to be a part of the event?ery disappointing

    • Hi Ishana, thanks for visiting us and leaving your valuable feedbacks. And we are extremely pleased to read that you have loved our blog. :)

      But few thing needs to be clarified also:
      These blog events are not scams, as you might have noticed that saffronstreaks does not earn any revenue out of any sort of advertisements, moreever, we are giving a recipe book from a famous chef as a goodwill gesture for our readers, as we have completed 2 years of blogging.
      Secondly, as a writer of this blog, I need to know about the kind of readerships my blogs enjoyed, we tend to write for our readers, not for ourselves, articles that our readers will enjoy.
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      If you have loved our recipes and travel articles, do tell us by leaving your views in the comment section, we will highly appreciate it.
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      Thannks and have a good day

  5. A-ha! This has to be one of the best recipes I have read about in some time. The wings look downright yummy and this also reminds me we are running short of barbecue sauce.

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