mixed berry french toast bake for a berrylicious summery breakfast

Greetings from a… xyz island , am back now and with basket full of berries, all handpicked just for you ! Sounds like a country wife from a bygone era ?  Well, its partially true, living in a country has its own charm but being unplugged ? that’s outrageous, but I wont dwell much into why i was unplugged, that’s a different story.

Its been three weeks since I am here and am thoroughly enjoying it (read boring) , and always try to put a big smile on my face, it’s no doubt beautiful with meandering wooded streets, wide open skies, luscious green trees bloomed to full glory, and a occassional surprise visits from Mr.Rabbit and the mischievous squirrels who always fights for a single nut, when there were so many of them to pick. On cloudy days, I usually stays at home with a big fly and two bees who very cleverly trespasses through my highly secured mesh windows, and left no clue whatsoever. I leave it to SH to resolve it, frustrated for being so unintelligent, turned to Mr.Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul for some real life stories… Few leaves down the book, am back to the same pavilion , it was too real to handle. He never ventured outside his home, his country, webbed in the illusionary world of memories and emotions….I know the book is good but I have picked it up at wrong time !

Leaving behind the flies and bees at home, I sometimes ventured out for breath of fresh air..really…nah….offcourse the obvious reason was to update my database with the who’s who of neighbourhood and when someone with a kind face politely invited me to their home, I thanked her with return invi to my blog..err..home. The poor lady had no clue what I was talking about, but managed to smile though… oops!!! now what ran….ran…ran. Back home with the bees, for some movies and bowl of fresh salad with caesar dressing (with chicken strips, sometimes bacon, extra parmesan, extra butter…list include everything that makes it un-healthy), as I dig into my sumptuous salad, Mr.Eastwood appears in one of his western movies dollar trilogy, with his trademark poncho and cigar…..shoot….shoot….shoot. With no femme fatale to seduce Mr.Eastwood, more shoot…shoot and shoot. Period.

Thanks for bearing with me and reading through my rantings, its berry time now.

Summers are usually pronounced here with luscious and sweet scent of different kinds of berries that makes their appearance in farmer’s market, red, blue, black, choose your color and flavour and pop it in your mouth to immerse in its sweetness. They are highly versatile, and has the inherent goodness to dress up a dessert and can make a breakfast savoury. And mixed berry french toast bake is just the case in point.

Its savoury, illustrates the sweet and richness of berries clubbed with some french bread, cream cheese and maple syrup. Idea is to make a breakfast which is healthy and wealthy with nutrients and anti-oxidants, great for weekend breakfast, bursting with sweet flavours and colorful too. Dig into it to enjoy !

I loaf of french bread cut into cubes
Mixed berry : 2 cups or more as you prefer
Eggs: 3
Fat free or full fat milk: 1 3/4 cup
Sugar : 1 tsp
Cinnamon powder : 1 tsp
Vanilla extract : 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Butter or oil spray to grease the baking dish

Method:  Grease the 2 qt or 13 * 9 in baking dish with cooking spray or with melted butter and arrange the bread cubes in it.

In a mixing bowl, beat the eggs and then stir in the milk. Add the sugar, cinnamon powder and vanilla extract and blend it , pour this mixture over the bread and let it set for 2-8 hours or overnight in a refrigerator.

Pre-heat the oven to 350° , take out the baking dish from the refrigerator around 30 min before baking , spread a generous layer of mixed berries over it, top it with few chunks of cream cheese, and bake it for 30-35 minute or little longer till the fork inserted in the centre comes clean through.

Drizzle a spoon of maple syrup over it and enjoy.

Sending this berrylicious breakfast to the event: berries for breakfast by Helen, guest hosting by Nayna of simply sensational food.

food palate series purple by Akheela of torview

Only baked @ Tamalpaku event started by Pari

enjoy the summers !