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No Bake chocolate tart with peanut buttercream frosting

No bake chocolate tart –

“… the stuff that dreams are made of,
It’s the slow and steady fire
It’s the stuff that dreams are made of
It’s your heart and soul’s desire
It’s the stuff that dreams are made of..” by Carly Simone

A journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step and here we are stepping into the new year with new sunshine of hope, promises, happiness. New beginnings of thoughts, of words and new day of new ideas, new strength and “new me”.



…and every new beginning must start with something sweet… like this deliciously divine chocolate tart, pure magic weaved in silk, chocolate y richness with nutty elegance…

chocolate tart recipe

Chocolates are like dreams, dreams that holds you back in the luxury of your warm blanket at the crack of the dawn, when you wished to finish those blurry sequences of thoughts, dreams that makes you what you are today, dreams that has never seen the light of dawn and dreams that has become your shadow. 

…and dreams that keeps you alive. That burns inside you like a slow fire, that never extinguishes but keeps rekindle with tiniest flicker of hopeful sunshine. In the darkest moments of life, when nothing goes right, when everything that is so dear to my heart lost its meaning, I resort to something as mythical like this. A bite into this heavenly tart makes me alive again.

chocolate tart no bake

Everything happens in life for a purpose, nothing is accidental. I believe this. So when one fine day, I found that my oatmeal cookie turns little soggy probably because of faulty lid of cookie jar, and I had no idea what to do with them, I had this vision of using it as a crust for my chocolate tart. The one that I was waiting for so long to make as I want to finish my stash of expired chocolates. Yes, this is another truth that I had learnt. Chocolates never expires.

Of all the crust variation I have tried so far, including the Oreo and bourbons, this oatmeal biscuit crust is dear to my heart. Very honest, grounded and it has done full justice to bring out the richness of silken chocolate ganache. The beauty of chocolate tart lies in the filling, more creamier, and silken it is more magical it will be. Like a mythical dream. And when paired with peanut buttercream frosting, together they weaves magical illusions.

No Bake chocolate tart with peanut buttercream frosting- stuff that dreams are made of
Prep time
Total time
No Bake chocolate tart in oatmeal cookie crust, filled with rich chocolate ganache and decorated with peanut buttercream frosting.
Cuisine: French
Serves: 3
For crust
  • Oatmeal cookies plain : 20 (medium size)
  • Ground ginger : ½ tsp
  • Ground nutmeg / cinnamon : ½ tsp
  • Unsalted Butter (melted) : ½ cup
For chocolate ganache fillling
  • Heavy whipping cream : 1 cup
  • Chocolate (semi sweet / dark) : 7 oz / 200 gm
  • Honey / golden syrup : 4 tbsp
  • Unsalted butter : ½ tbsp
Peanut buttercream frosting
  • Penaut butter (creamy) : 100 gm / 1 cup
  • Unsalted butter: 1 cup
  • Caster sugar : ¾ cup adjust as per the taste
  • Heavy cream : ¼ cup
Prepare the crust
  1. Crush the oatmeal cookies in a mixer to a fine mixture. Add this mixture in a bowl and mix it with the spices and the melted unsalted butter. Mix it with hand or wooden spatula till it starts forming small lumps.
  2. If the mixture does not clump together enough, then add little more melted butter.
  3. Spread the mixture evenly on fluted tart pan, press the edges of the tart pan nicely with your fingers so that it will get shaped as per the tart pan design.
  4. Once finished, cover the tart pan with cling film and refrigerate it till the filling is ready to use.
  5. Refrigerate it at least for two hours.
prepare the chocolate ganache
  1. Heat through the cream. Dont let it boil.
  2. Remove from the heat. Add the chocolate chopped into small pieces.
  3. Add the honey, melted butter and mix it like a cutting action with the silicone spatula, till the chocolate melts completely. This will take some 5-10 minutes. But don't microwave it.
Prepare the tart
  1. Remove the tart crust from the fridge, remove the cling wraps.
  2. Pour the chocolate ganache evenly over the tart. Tap it on the counter for an even and smooth spread.
  3. Let it cool before refrigerating it till ready to serve.
Prepare the peanut butter cream forsting
  1. In a bowl add the peanut butter, unsalted butter softened and whip it till smooth with hand blender.
  2. Next add the sugar in batches and keep blending it till it incorporates well.
  3. Add the cream and whip it till the frosting is able to hold shapes or till soft peaks begin to form.
  4. This process will take approximately 10 minute. Or may be more depending upon the power of your hand blender.
  5. Fill the frosting in a piping bag attached with a nozzle and decorate the chilled tart with desire designs.
  6. Serve the chocolate tart chilled or room temperature. If it sits too long on the counter, tart mat begin to soften and will melt.

Have a fantastic new 2017,



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