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UpdateAfter pondering for few weeks on the idea of reviewing the restaurants and the foods, it has finally be dawned upon us that the whole idea or the theory seemed bleak in the light of new facts after observing in detail about how a restaurant works and understanding that we have acquired over the past few months.

When it comes to cook a good food, all you need is love and passion and creativity to impress yourself or your guest. But when it comes to serve the same in restaurants, it becomes a different ball game together. As we do not have much idea to run a restaurant, so we assume that it would not be wise to critic the food, chef or the restaurant itself. Where money is involved, it becomes more like a regular business, a service industry. A harsh criticism (which triggers many things like a chain reaction) may bring the downfall of an average restaurant.  We certainly can not play with the livelihood of the employee who works there. 

Because it will become a very biased review then, may be that particular day was not a good day for the chef ! 

Henceforth, we will change the objective of our visiting the restaurants. It will be renamed as “Culinary tour” where we will keep you updated with the latest food joints that we have tried, food factory tours if any or our daily trips to farmers market to understand – what locals eat and other related articles.

Since at this point we can not change the permalink so it will remain as “restaurant reviews” but the title of the page will become now asCulinary Tours“.


Our dining out experiences are varied, some are good, some are bad, and some are pooh! Horrible and some are simply divine. It is the lawful and legitimate duty and responsibility (read social) of every foodie to tell its peers about the best dining destinations in the town. Driven by this urge we bring you the reviews of choicest restaurants where we have dined more than once. Read more

An honest confession of a foodie…

Chilis @ Bangalore for a taste of Mexico

It was almost 6 years back in Bangalore, when I was first introduced to the Mexican cuisine, a cuisine which I later found to be so much in sync with the Indian taste, except the cheese part. It was in Bombay Blue, (not sure they are still in the business) a upmarket restaurant operating from Bangalore central mall on Mayo hall road, adjoining the noodle bar, where I get to taste this heavenly dish called enchilada, which I ordered on a whim. Burritos and quesadillas, makes sense to me but enchilada […] Read more



Saaga @ Bangalore

If you plot the restaurants of Bangalore on a map you will find that the area most densely populated with restos are Indiranagar, Koramangala and central Bangalore. But if you move towards north, it becomes sparse and after Sankey road and Hebbal it diminishes […] Read more


6 Ballygunge place @ Bangalore

In the early 2000′s when a new Bengali restaurant in upmarket area of Kolkata opens its doors, it gives lots of hopes to the foodies, not because there is a dearth of quality restaurants in gastronomical capital of India, Kolkata which is the heaven for food connoisseurs but because there were few restaurants that serves authentic Bengali […] Read more


Cooking with Caperberry – a Spanish fiesta

Caperberry on the heart of downtown Bangalore is an European restaurant largely inspired by Spanish cuisine. Decked with beech wood furniture and adorned with abstract art it can host around 60 plus guest. The intimate spaces at the lounge exudes warmth and when the natural light filters […] Read more


Oh Calcutta for Bengali cuisine

The name itself brings nostalgic memories of old Calcutta to many Bengalis so as the dishes that are being served here. Owned by Anjan Chatterjee of Specialty restaurant group, Oh! Calcutta serves authentic Bengali dishes as well as continental and Awadhi […] Read more


Mast kalandar

Navratri food festival ” Victory Feast” at  Mast Kalandar which offers Navratra combo featuring aloo ki subzi, kuttu ki pakodi, kuttu ki puris, arbi kurkuri, kele ki chaat, masala chaas and a sweet. Mast Kalandar is a Bangalore based no frill restaurant […] Read more

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