Foodpanda review – online food ordering services in India

What does a foodie want ?

EAT and then RepEAT.

Dont you think it should be hassle free. Just as smooth as silk …en tofu ! Well, some love to cook too, like me, hence this blog.

For a foodie, eating out is not a necessity but a  passion to try out different cuisines, to explore different flavours, seeks new food experiences.

But traffic jam, booking a table, honoring the reservation, and in between many things spoil the day. If food is divine, you forget the other things, so conveniently. Wish we could order food online, right from the comfort of our home, sitting in my pajamas.

When Foodpanda approaches us to review their service, I was startled !

What ! Do we have online food ordering services in India ? Having lived out of the country for few years, I was totally clueless about the happenings in India, you know how they (non-Indian media) filtered all the news for you.

Well, I was skeptical, I thought of trying out their services first before writing anything about them.

So I went to their site.

1)  Minimalist web design, no frills and fancy things, no cluttering.

2)  Just it says “Find food now” ! Dont you be happy to read just that ! Plus point – it advertise the deals of the day too ! double bonanza !!

3)  Next comes a registration form. A simple one. Be sure to leave your working mobile number, don’t put your neighbour’s mobile number there ! Once you order the food, Foodpanda will confirm it through SMS.

4)  It will then display your locality’s listed restaurants. Choose the restaurant, choose the dishes from the menu with prices, check the total amount, you need to order for minimum amount specified there.

5)  Once you place the order, wait for few moments till you heard the sms tone on your cellphone. Voila ! You have just ordered your food !

6)  Next, restaurant will confirm the order and you will get hot food served to you, in the comfort of your home, you can devour it in your pajamas, right from the box. Who cares about etiquettes !

Click 1, click 2, click 3 = Food is ready ! 😉

And it works like a charm ! Hassel-free and service was good.

foodpanda review

This was what we ordered.


A)  Worrying about exchanging your credit card information with the site ? Dont be. All the restaurants operates on Cash on delivery system.

B)  I know you are perfect planner. Want to pre-order the food. That’s a possibility and not dream.

C)  OOPS you want to order from a restaurant at odd hours ? Sorry, Foodpanda wont let it happen. It will tell you, your favourite restaurant is closed now. 🙂

D)  Did the food comes free ? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Some restaurants charge a delivery  fee of 25 INR.

Having tasted success in Latin America, Europe, South Asia, we are hoping Foodpanda will make foodie’s life lot easier in India.

‘Amen’ to that !!!

 Views expressed are my own.