Disneyworld and my Florida itinerary

Yes you have read it right ! We are going to Disneyworld finally !!! I know Disneyworld is specially for kids and we might be little out-of-place, but it has many more fantastic things for the adults like the EPCOT worldshowcase and Animal Kingdom, who would not love those jungle safaris and not to mention the magical castle of Cinderella !  Disneyworld has lots to offer and it has something for everyone, quiet literally.


How to Reach Orlando : Now before heading to my itinerary, let me give you some insight on how to reach Disneyworld in Orlando , Florida. If you are coming from other states in USA, then you need not to be worried as Orlando is a buzzing international city and is very well connected by air, road and rail. AMTRAK has its regular service from New York , Boston and many places on East Coast, it will greatly reduce the tickets cost too.

But if you are coming from other countries, then first check with your country’s airlines schedule. Most of the airlines originating from Europe connects directly to Orlando and Miami, like Air France which operates daily and connects both Orlando and Miami. Air france also connects to Boston’s Logan airport and on that route I have travelled few times. My personal experience with Air France was good till date, only that I hated the Challes de gulle airport, it was so chaotic and we had to wait in the queue for 2 hours just for security checking ! So if you are coming by Air France to Florida, you can get down both at Miami and Orlando and from their can schedule your travel plans. Be sure to submit the immigration papers at your first port of entry.

For traveller originating from Asia and South East Asia Singapore Airlines has largest network connectivity but unfortunately it does not connects directly to either Orlando or Miami. But good news is that it has partnered with many regional airlines like Delta and United Airlines on codesharing basis, so for Orlando either you have to get down at LA or NYC or even Houston (closest to Florida ) and from there Delta or United will take you to Orlando or Miami. Given that the Singapore Airlines perhaps the most expensive one, it will be always better to save some bucks on hotel stays, and not to stay on famed Disneyworld resorts .

Beyond Disneyworld is what Florida is all about.

So our short and crisp itinerary will somewhat look like this –

1) Disney world ( Universal Studios + EPCOT – Magic Kingdom + Animal Kingdom )

2) Sanibel Beach – why we are going there will tell you later !

3) Everglades – the land of gators, and thousands birds, tropical mangroves etc and that elusive panther !

4) Downtown Miami and South Beach

And oh yes we have sorted out some famed restaurants too to gorge on the famous Key lime pie !

Have a Happy week, will see you next week with stories from Florida !