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Magic Kingdom & EPCOT – Disney World Orlando

I know this space has been silent for over a week, you must be annoyed at my inconsistency in blogging , well I understand that. Summer is in full swing now and that means more outdoor activities will be waiting for us. We will keep you updated with that and before starting with my new adventures, let me first finish this Florida backlogs. I hate backlogs but sometimes has to deal with it.

So here we are again after taking a short break from my earlier post on Disney world –  Animal kingdom and Universal studios

Magic Kingdom – Disney’s original theme park, is beautiful and magnificient and is truly a dreamland !

This park is specially for kids, Cinderella castle, street party, face painting, and lots of other things that kids in fact knows better than the grown ups ! Here present short photo essay –

The Cinderella castle – the center of attraction ! You can spend hours gazing at its marvellous architecture .
magic kingdom

Move it ! Shake it ! Celebrate it ! Street party everyday at 4 pm.

disney world

Another perspective of Cinderella castle ! With my P & S camera I have taken at least dozens of photos of this beautiful building. This is infectious or obsession, but you can not escape it !

Magic kingdom Disney

All geared up for the street party – Mickey and Minnie has come ! And the music was so catchy ! Shake it up !

disney world

Mickey and Minnie – dance dance !

  disney world

The best part of the day is the laser and firework show at night. They creates different scenes on the castle by casting colorful laser beams on it. It goes for an hour . It’s truly magical and hypnotic !

magic kingdom light show


If Magic Kingdom is for kids then grown ups can enjoy their day at EPCOT.



EPCOT is world showcase theme park.

Chinese temple or palace, it has been beautifully done with intricate designs adorning its walls.

epcot china


Beer mugs and shot glasses on sale outside a German town where Oktoberfest was going on !


epcot germany

Glimpse of an European town ! After walking few steps down the road you will ask yourself – is it US or Europe? Detailed to the core and beautifully represented with bistros and patisseries.

epcot european town

A Moroccan bazaar ! This was another highlight of the park. It has been said that King of Morocco has himself flew own to Disney world to approve the design and the architecture. Restaurant at Marrakesh, the gate, minarets, the streets, everything will remind you of Morocco.

moroccan bazaar epcot

EPCOT also host a spectacular laser and firework show at night which is worth seeing.

Finishing our day at Disney World with chocolate cake slice and that Key Lime Pie ! Finally eh !

epcot restaurant

 Rides that we enjoyed most are –


Soarin – hand gliding over breathtaking landscapes of California. I wish it could continue for little longer.

Living with the land – a futuristic approach to food production, fascinating, relaxing and very educative.

Mission space – rocket to the red land. Spaceship simulator and it was really fascinating.

Magic Kingdom – 

Big thunder mountain railroad – a speedy roller coaster that takes you through the rugged town of mining town themed around the early days of Gold Rush.

Space Mountain that zooms through the galaxy passing the constellations and was thrilling as you pass through the darkness of black universe.

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  • Reply
    June 16, 2013 at 11:29 pm

    Looks like you guys had a great time 🙂
    We went to Disneyland Paris two years back and what an experience it was!! Amazing!

  • Reply
    June 18, 2013 at 10:03 am

    Beautiful pics…Disneyland is attractive for anyone at any age!

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