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The best of saffronstreaks 2017 – year end wrap up post

best of saffronstreaks 2017

As 2017 comes to a fabulous end, we reflect on the wonderful year that would soon be history.

Before wrapping up the year, and stepping onto the brand new year, here are the 2017 highlights that you might have missed, and these are also my personal favorite too.

January – a new year, new beginning, all we needed was a fresh start. And all the effort we had put into, finally paid off.

We had fantastic start to the year 2017 with this no bake chocolate tart with peanut butter cream frosting, stuff that dreams are made of, pure magic weaved in silk, chocolate y richness with nutty elegance.

On the auspicious occasion of makar sankranti , an important harvest festival (thanksgiving) in India, this delicious and ethnic dish – dudh puli pithe,  rice dumplings stuffed with sweetened coconut and jaggery filling and simmered in thickened milk, had graced our platter.

This post was close to my heart as it was the my first post on Instagram that had been regrammed multiple times by different regional cuisine hubs.

Bangalore blue grape chutney – with this post I had initiated into the wonderful world of homemade jams.

February – overlooking the lovey-dovey season, when everybody was celebrating their love of life with great zeal and pompousness, I decided to quietly step back into our traditional past and ethnicity, the culture, the food that we had lost somewhere .

Like this gota sheddho , delicious casserole of whole lentils and boiled whole vegetables – a tradition reborn again.


gota sheddho

March – Spring time when everything on Earth is infused with new energy, new leash of life. And in India Spring has more warmer tones than in other parts of the world, there is splash of life in nature too with colorful flowers, and new leaves, nature comes alive with colorful hues of pink, red and yellow just like Holi.

Holi and thandai has an eternal relationship and I brought them together in this beautiful fusion of east meets west dessert, thandai spiced pannacotta .


thandai panna cotta dessert

April – It was one of the busiest month for me, with travel plans, and arranging my baby’s first birthday party for around two hundred guests were not a mean feat for me. From designing her birthday card, sending invitations, customizing the cake, chalking out the dinner menu, and carefully handcrafted return gifts for everyone , the days passed in a blink of an eye.

Just managed to post this new take on traditional recipe, inspired from the new age chefs who keeps reinventing the treasure trove of age old recipes. Koraishutir dhokar dalna – is considered as a epitome of Bengali vegetarian (niramish) cuisine.

koraishutir dhokar dalna

May – Cheese is milk’s leap towards immortality. Paneer is perhaps the world’s easiest cheese ever and learning to make it at home from scratch must measure the credential of Indian home chefs. Here is How to make your paneer at home, perfectly  every time.

homemade paneer recipe

June – another personal milestone for me, when I had successfully able to introduce fish recipes in my baby diet and nothing beats that satisfaction when I saw joy and twinkle in her eyes. It makes me delightful to see that her bong genes are perfectly working fine and she loves fish to the core.

For long time I had been contemplating of posting biryani recipe on my blog. The food that literally binds the hearts of the people of India  is proudly now on my blog.

I know my travel sections were quite dormant for sometime, and in order to renew it , I  have started penning down my Yellowstone experiences with lots of zeal and enthusiasm, which was well received by many readers as well get quoted on Yellowstone travel pages too.

July – the month started out with blessing of Sai baba , a visit to Shirdi and with monsoon in full swing we had completed successfully our monsoon special posts on – mutton keema cutlets, masoor dal khichdi that is the becoming the biggest draw here, Cornish fish pasties and ended the series with my another innovative recipe of mausambi chicken or sweet lime and lemony chicken curry soup.

On travel section, we have successfully compiled a list of bests monsoon destinations of India and I know that would be a very handy list for anyone who wish to romance with rains.

August –  stepping into the realm of healthy foods, one grain at a time.  And reap huge success with this delicious amaranth fudge, rajgira badam barfi.

rajgira ramdana badam ki barfi


September – on a mission to discover the regional cuisines of India, one state at a time completed five blog posts on Kannada food series that gives me immense satisfaction for being part of this wonderful city, Bangalore, and its cosmopolitan culture.

Durga pujo series  – with this series, I have slowly transgressed into the realm of understanding our own Bengali cultural traditions, rituals and beliefs centered around the festivities. And this gives me a better and deeper understanding of the age old traditions that we follows. Clubbing it together with the food series it makes a complete insight into the Bengali culture, food and traditions.

Read here on why we celebrate Durga Pujo, what are the rituals, traditions and beliefs of Durga pujo

October –  The autumn festivity that had started with Durga Pujo, concludes with another much awaited Lakshmi pujo or more precisely Kojagari Lakshmi pujo for Bengali, that falls on Kojagari purnima or sharad purnima as known elsewhere in other parts of India.

Read on here for full details on how to do kojagari Lakshmi puja at home, with mantras and rituals to follow.

instagram @saffronstreaks

NovemberDecember – The Baking Season . Baking is the heart of the cooking and is immensely therapeutic. Here are the highlights of the baking season.


In between somewhere, we have changed.

Food Photography – I have started painting food photography backdrops which were an instant hit on Instagram, and at the same time it has renewed my interest in food photography and still life art in particular. Going forward, I will be seriously taking this to the professional level. The best shots of the year so far are-


Number cruncher – handwork and passion yield results – in last few months my blog page views are getting fattened day by day , much to my delight. These were my personal best till date.

Instagram love – These posts I have specially created for Instagram.

On the ocassions of Diwali , this posts has been featured on number of Instagram hubs (I lost count how many times it has been regrammed) , worth mentioning @Indiapicturehubs, @discover_india and so on.

Instagram @saffronstreaks
On the occasion of Mahalaya instagram @saffronstreaks

On the occasion of my baby’s birthday – a homely meal for us

instagram @saffronstreaks

A regular Bengali vegetarian meal

Instagram @saffronstreaks

Brown rice and oats dosa

Instagram @saffronstreaks

Pan Indian thali meals

instagram @saffronstreaks
Payesh, Payasam, Kheer

instagram @saffronstreaks

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That’s all for this year now!

Saffronstreaks will stay committed to serve only the fabulous food, good stories and stunning pictures.

Happy New year to all,

Stay Safe, Stay Happy, Stay Blessed



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