kalakand - Indian milk fudge
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
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Serves: 6
Kalakand is the delectable Indian milk fudge or cake and is often garnished with lots of sliced almonds and pistachios.
  • Milk (full fat / not skimmed) : ½ gallon = 8 cups = 2 quarts = 2 litre
  • Sugar (granular) : ½ cup
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Nuts or dry fruits mostly pistachios and almonds or raisins
  • A few threads of saffron (optional)
  • Alum : few pieces (optional)
  • Ghee / clarified butter (optional) : ½ tsp
  1. Divide the milk into half and boil 4 cups milk in a deep bottom pan.
  2. Bring it to first boil and add juice of lemon in it and stir slightly.
  3. Take it off the heat and wait till the milk curdles and whey get separated.
  4. This is called chhana and strain it in a colander lined with cheese cloth or muslin cloth.
  5. Wash the chhana /paneer in water to get rid off the acidic aftertaste.
  6. Do not knead the chhana, just crumble it with your finger.
  7. Meanwhile, in a non stick pan, boil the remaining 4 cups milk.
  8. This milk need to be solidified like khova. So you can either use alum to solidify the milk in few minutes or keep on simmering on a low to medium heat till it reduce to ⅓ rd of its original measure.
  9. I do the latter one and it took almost half an hour.
  10. Take extra caution here, while simmering the milk, with occasional stir so that milk should not get burned at the bottom.
  11. Once the milk get reduced to the desired amount, add the crumbled chhana or paneer in it and keep on stirring.
  12. This may take another 15-20 minute.
  13. Towards the end stage of making kalakand, stir more vigorously till the mixture thickens and forms a soft dough like consistency.
  14. This is the time to add the sugar, and mix the sugar properly for another 5 minutes.
  15. Drizzle ½ tsp melted ghee or clarified butter and mix once more.
  16. Take off from the heat and pour it over serving dish.
  17. Flatten it out to give a square box shape keeping the width ½ inch in thickness.
  18. Garnish the kalakand with pistachios and almonds or raisins while it is still warm.
  19. Let it cool for another half an hour before cutting it into desired shapes.
Ajmeri kalakand is the fried version of this white kalakand where it is fried with lots of fresh figs.
Recipe by saffronstreaks at https://saffronstreaks.com/recipes/celebrating-dussehra-with-kalakand-indian-milk-fudge/