Post Sankranti mung dal er pithe - savory coconut stuffed yellow lentil shells
Recipe type: Appetiser
Cuisine: Indian
Prep time: 
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Serves: 12 yield
A festive Bengali recipe where savory lentil shells are stuffed with coconut and jaggery and then deep fried in hot oil.
Lentil shells :
  • Yellow lentils / Mung beans : 1 cup
  • Rice flour : 1-2 tbsp
  • All purpose flour : 2 tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Spices (cumin and red chilli powder) : 1-2 tsp
  • Oil for deep frying
  • Coconut grated : 2 cups
  • Milk / coconut milk : ¼ cup
  • Date palm jaggery (crumble into pieces) : 1 cup + more
Prepare the stuffing :
  1. Heat a nonstick pan and add the coconut in it. On a low flame, keep on stirring the coconut for few minutes and add the milk.
  2. As soon as the milk get absorbed by the coconut, add the jaggery.
  3. Keep on stirring on low flame till the jaggery melts and incorporates well into the coconut.
  4. Continue stirring, and this may take up to 20 minutes till you get a little lumpy mixture.
  5. Leave the mixture to cool for few minutes.
Prepare the lentil shells :
  1. Roast the yellow lentils in a pan till it leaves a beautiful aroma.
  2. Now add just enough water to boil the lentils.
  3. Once boiled, strain excess water if any, but do not discard it, use it in other dishes.
  4. Let it cool for sometime until easy to handle.
  5. Season the lentils with salt and spices and mashed it.
  6. Add the rice flour and all pupose flour to the mashed lentils to make a soft dough.
  7. Refrigerate for half an hour until it stiffens a bit.
  8. Pinch a walnut size ball from mashed lentil dough and with the help of your palm and fingers give it a small bowl like shape.
  9. Stuff it with the coconut – jaggery mixture , fold and seal the ends together.
  10. You can crimp or pinch the edges if you want to.
  11. Prepare a dozen of such stuffed shells and keep aside.
  12. Heat enough oil for deep frying.
  13. Fry the pithe or stuffed lentil shells in hot oil over a medium flame till they turns out golden in color and become crisp.
  14. Serve hot or at room temperature.
  15. They taste better the next day.
Date palm jaggery is the essence of this recipe, but if you cant get it, you can also use normal jaggery or replace jaggery with brown sugar.

Milk is added to make the stuffing moist.

Add more milk if the coconut is dry, and less if it releases lots of milk and it also helps to bind the sugar / jaggery.


We make it savory but if you want to make the sweeter version, then omit the spices and after deep fried them dunked the lentil shells in sugar syrup.
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