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eat, pray and love – durga puja

While Julia Roberts was coursing through Italian cuisine and travelled half the world in search of spirituality and love, Durga puja is the time to indulge in eat, pray and spread love, happiness and peace across the world (we really do that specially the last part !).

Though Bangalore is not Kolkata, but with ever-increasing bengal(e) in Bengalooru, number of Bengalee restaurants has spruce up in the city in last few years and during festival like Durga puja they all decked up with sumptuous fare to win the heart of every Bengalee.

From a la carte to buffet and special thali these restaurants serve everything in Bengali cuisine. Oh Calcutta usually serves a la carte but 6 Ballygunge place and Esplanade organises an elaborate buffet from Saptami till Dashami. Though last year buffet was little over pricey and menu was oft-repeated with  phulko luchi, chanar kalia, ilish paturi, chingri malai curry and mangso dakbangla, the spread needs to reinvent further.

This year Esplanade has come up with another grand buffet:

Esplanade bangalore

Esplanade bangalore

Some of the better known Bengali restaurants in Bangalore are Oh Calcutta, 6 Ballygunge place, Esplanade, Bhojohari Manna, 36 Chowranghee Lane and Bay of Bengal.

But if you are stuck at home for some reason or the other and glued to telly to catch the glimpses of Durga puja around the country then why not treat yourself and your family with something special and enjoy. So for them we are bringing a series on “Durga puja special recipes” which are easy to prepare and great to taste.

Watch out for our upcoming posts.


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  • Reply
    Kalyan Banerjee
    October 11, 2010 at 11:09 pm

    Nice title. Run up to the Puja means fervent shopping and once the Puja arrives there are 3 activities – Eat, Eat and Pray 🙂

    As a proof, the recently released free eBook on 26 Bengali Festive Recipes was widely downloaded from http://bit.ly/aRhydv

    I have bookmarked this post and would look forward to your series. Wish you a great run upto the Puja. Sharod Shuvechcha.

    • Reply
      sukanya ghosh
      October 12, 2010 at 2:09 pm

      sharodiya shubhechha
      yeah we benglis are just crazy abt food and only food. btw wonderful collection of recipes-e book has.
      thanx for dropping by.

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