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poila baisakh 2010

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A few days left for poila baisakh, the Bengali new year, and Bengalis slipping slowly in to the festive mood must be pondering over where to eat. Poila Baisakh or the first day of the Baisakh month which usually falls on 14th or 15th April is new year as per the Hindu calendar and not only for Bengalis but also for Tamilians, Assamese, Keralites, Punjabis and many.

For Bengalis the day usually marked with cleaning and beautifying homes with alpanas,  prabhatpheris ( a kind of procession), Rabindrasangeet, cultural programmes, quick visit to Kali baris, and the great poila baisakh luncheon which occupies the mind for most of the part.

For Bengalis poila baisakh usually turns out to be a mini family get-together and lunch is always  a lavish spread of phulko luchi with aloo dum, chanar kalia, bhaja mooger daal, begun bhaja, fish fries, bati chochoris, dhokar dalna, mochar ghonto or paturi, chingri malai curry, bhetki or ilish paturi, chital macher muthia, mishti pulao, murgir jhol, kosha mangso, tomato khejur chutney and what not !

When you think you had  enough of this, then comes the sweets in a platter with rosogollas, chamchams, sandesh, rasmalai and mishti doi. You can definitely skip some of the dishes from above but you can not say no to sweets ! After a break for 10 minutes starts the next session of digenes, gelusil, pudin haras, hojmis, jowan and amlakis ! Bengalis are surely spoilt for choices.

Poila baisakh

Poila Baisakh or Bengalee New Year @ saffronstreaks

On this special occasion, starting from today, we are bringing you up some of the most authentic, exotic and never-to-miss dishes from the treasures of Bengali cuisine. So don your apron and get started…

Poila baisakh special recipes…

Chingri malai curry
Potoler dolma
Dhokar dalna
Chital macher muthia
Fish Kabiraji cutlet
Bhetki paturi
Bhapa sandesh


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    Marco Velasquez
    May 29, 2010 at 12:34 am

    You have done it again! Superb post!

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