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Easy Thanksgiving Recipes Dinner Menu Ideas

Easy Thanks Giving Recipe Ideas

Looking for easy Thanksgiving Recipes ? Planning out an easy Thanksgiving Menu ?

From traditional to contemporary, we have got you covered. Here are some of the Thanksgiving menu ideas that you can use to chalk out your plan.

thanksgiving recipes

Turkey For Thanksgiving

Turkey rules the Thanksgiving dinner scene. A centerpiece for obvious reason.

I would say, ditch the whole bird and try this easy Turkey Recipes for Thanksgiving. Effortlessly easy. And great in taste.

Please click on the name of the Recipe for the recipes.

Turkey Roulade – Mushroom cranberry stuffed turkey breast roulade in apple cider gravy.  Involved much less work than prepping up a whole turkey.  Stuff the turkey breast with filling, tie it up with a kitchen twine and bake it in the oven. Slice and serve. That’s all.

Turkey breast Relatively much simpler and easier than making turkey roulade. This herb crusted turkey breast in sage butter sauce with roasted garlic gravy is an extremely easy Thanksgiving recipe. This turkey breast recipe will definitely suit all those who are looking for a good and fabulous way to cook the bird, prepared in no time. Simply smear the turkey breast with spices and herbs and put it in the oven. Serve it with a gravy.

roasted turkey breast fillet

Chicken rouladeNot a fan of the big bird. No problem. Try Chicken breast roulade instead. This stuffed fancy chicken roulade in silky smooth cashew butter sauce will definitely impress your guests.

Cornish hensDreaming of roasting a whole bird. But dare not touch the big bird, turkey? Try Cornish hen instead. Cornish hens are much more tender and taste way better than the regular chicken. Soft, tender meat and juicer than the chicken. Because of the size, they gets cooked real fast. Stuff the Cornish hens with onions, garlic, herbs and spices. Rub the hens with enough oil and spices. Roast it it the oven. Serve.

Thanksgiving Breakfasts Recipes

While you are busy preparing  and setting the table for Thanksgiving dinner, here are some breakfast ideas for the day, that you can make ahead a day before and can enjoy in the morning.

Apple cinnamon rolls these breakfast fall flavour apple cinnamon rolls will perfectly suit your breakfast table on Thanksgiving day.

Corn muffinsgreat as snacking option, as a side for Thanksgiving dinner and will be a good option for breakfast too with a cup of coffee.

pumpkin chocolate babka cinnamon rolls

Pumpkin pancakesThese are not sweet but savory pumpkin pancakes. Perfect for breakfast and you can make ahead them the previous day too.

Pumpkin breadlots of variations you can try here. Banana pumpkin bread or apple pumpkin bread. Or better go with the original flavour like this one – Pumpkin bread with pepitas

Pumpkin chocolate babka another heart stealer. If you love babkas, you will definitely fall for this pumpkin chocolate babka.


Thanksgiving Soup Recipes

Soups are no doubt the best starters. And who would not love to cozy up with a warm bowl of soup on winter nights.

Cream of mushroom soup

Butternut squash sweet potato soup

Creamy potato and corn soup

Cream Of Red Bell Pepper Soup

cream of red pepper soup

Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

No matter what you serve or eat for dinner, there is always a little room for dessert.  Some popular Thanksgiving dessert recipe ideas could be like this.

Pumpkin pietraditional dessert for the occasion and remains in the center stage of any Thanksgiving menu.

Newyork Cheesecake an all time favourite. This one is an old fashioned style baked cheesecake with an oreo crust and filled with orange flavoured cream cheese filling.

Apple bundt cakea must have in fall season. Maple glazed apple cinnamon bundt cake will surely charm up your dinner menu.

carrot cake

Carrot cakethe incredibly moist, sweet and flavourful carrot cake could become your Thanksgiving dessert show stopper. You can add pureed pumpkin too.

Chocolate hazelnut pots de creme these little chocolate hazelnut fancy pots de creme can be served individually and best dessert for any occasions.

Triple Chocolate Cakenow who can say no to a chocolate cake. Specially when these are old fashioned Southern style triple chocolate fudge cake !


Thanksgiving Cookies And Brownies Recipes

Vegan Fudgy BrowniesThese delicious and sinfully decadent vegan beetroot chocolate fudgy brownies can easily lift up any dining scene to another level.

Linzer CookiesThese chilli jam filled linzer cookies scream holiday season in every bite.

Chocolate CookiesFor all small and big occasions, chocolate cookies are part of any dining scene.

vegan gluten free chocolate beetroot brownie recipes

Thanksgiving Leftover Makeover

Why to ignore the Thanksgiving leftovers ? Here are some of the fabulous ideas to makeover the leftovers.

Chicken Enchillada – you can always sub it with leftover turkey or chicken also.

Fish Naan tacos – tacos are very much accommodating. Instead of fish, you can try these naan tacos with chicken or turkey.

16 bean soup what a wonderful way to celebrate the winter evenings with a bowl of warm 16 bean soup. Add leftover turkey or chicken to oomph up the protein power.

Chili- nothing can beat the warmth of a hearty chilli on cold winter evenings. With leftover turkey and chicken, added into it, would definitely taste better.


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