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{Event Announcement} Bong-Luru – A Bengali Pop Up Food Event @Hyatt, Bangalore

Dear Readers,

Here’s the BIG NEWZ I want to share with you all. I am going to host a Bengali Pop Up @hyattcentricblr This is in collaboration with @authenticook   who champions the richness of regional cuisine through their home chefs, and has given me this wonderful opportunity . Thanks Hyatt for trusting me on this. .
We have curated a special Bengali menu, themed around United Bengal that will highlight the essential flavours of two Bengal.
Here’s a sneak peek of yesterday’s trial session that we did at Hyatt.

saffronstreaks Bengali pop up lunch event hyatt

Featured here :

  • Tentuler sorbot / Tamarind Sarbat with Kolkata’s favourite munch – Ghoti Gorom ,a delectable mix of roasted chanachor,  finely chopped onions , green chillies, peeled and diced green mangoes, grated carrots and sprinkled with chaat masala , a generous drizzle of lime juice and raw mustard oil.
  • Hinger kochuri with aloo r tarkari a la Mishti dokan style
  • Mochar chop
  • Dimer devil

I had tried to curate a menu that reflects pure home style Bengali meal that brings the joy of comfort food like –

  • Shuktoni,
  • Kancha Pepe diye musoor Dal (a homely musoor dal with green papaya and nigella)
  • kuler achar / Indian jujube sweet pickle
  • Narkel Bora /Coconut fritters
  • Posto Paturi (well seasoned poppy seed paste, coconut paste wrapped in banana leaves and then smoked to perfection)
  • Old school style jhinge kumro chapari ghonto / ridgegourd and pumpkin dry curry with minimal seasonings.
  • Koraishtuir dhokar dalna from the house of Tagore’s
  • Parshe macher sorshe jhaal / fish in mustard curry
  • Robibar er mangshor jhol ( Sunday mutton curry)
  • Kuler Tok / Indian jujube sweet and sour preparation, a thinner version of Bengali chutney, acts as a palate cleanser
  • Comilla’r roshomalai ( aka kheerbhog)
  • Bhapa aam doi.

Dinner menu will features some other highlights like-

  • Thor Muri Ghonto / an age old preparation of banana stems, flavoured with gobindo bhog rice, grated coconut and country chickpeas
  • Loitta macher jhuri/ a fiery Bombay duck crumble usually serves as an accompaniment.
  • Chingri macher ghoti bati / steamed Prawns in mustard-poppy seed – coconut paste and spices. 
  • Dhonepata kanchalanka diye murgi kosha/ Bengali style coriander chicken
  • and kheer patishapta in dessert.

So please join us for the real, traditional, authentic and un corrupt taste of Bengali cuisine, that will surely transport you to those nostalgic moments of your Grandma’s kitchen, the way she would have prepared those ethnic dishes.

So what are you waiting for. Do visit us on 16th March 2019 for sumptuous homestyle lunch/ dinner meals.

For bookings – Please visit Authenticook

Thank you,


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