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{Event Announcement} Poila Baisakh 2018 Bengali Pop Up Lunch Food Event @ Indiranagar, Bangalore

Dear Readers,

Today I have a very important announcement to make here. As we are stepping slowly into our first commercial venture, here is the big news that I wanted to share with you all.

On the occasion of Bengali New Year, Poila Baisakh which is joyous and merriment for all Bengalees over the world, we are going to host our first ever Pop Up Lunch event.

For every passionate food blogger, its almost like a dream to launch their first food event. Together with Maumita of Experiences of gastronomad, we are dreaming to cater to select few guests on this occasion.

But more than the commercial interests, we are doing this to promote the real essence of Bengali cuisine and culture. To many imagining a pure Bengali Vegan / vegetarian platter is little incomprehensible but in my opinion it is perhaps one of the most unexplored cuisine of India.
Beyond roshogolla, fishes and kosha mangsho,  there exists a culinary heaven.

So please join us for the real, traditional, authentic and uncorrupt taste of Bengali cuisine, that will surely transport you to those nostalgic moments of your Grandma’s kitchen, the way she would have prepared those ethnic dishes.

poila baisakh menu lunch event pop up bangalore 2018

You have been with us on our blogging journey since long, you have given us unconditional love, now it’s time for us to cook for you.
Recipes from grandmas kitchens, recipes that you loved in your growing up years.

Come and join us as me, yours truly and my talented food blogger friend Maumita of Experiences of a Gastronomad will take you on a Bengali culinary sojourn. That’s guaranteed to blow your minds away.

Looking forward to see you there,


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