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18 Best & Unique Mango (Green Mango + Ripe Mango) Recipes For Summer

Mangoes – the king of tropics is here in its full glory and perhaps one of the most lovable fruit in the world. There are absolutely infinite ways to enjoy its goodness. The taste and flavour varies from one variant to another specified by its unique geographical climate, and in country of its origin, in India there are so many cultivars , each with distinct taste profile and loyal fan following.

Here we present few best and unique Mango Recipes to try this summer that will leave you enchanted enough and will let you fall in love with this beautiful fruit again and again.

Green Mangoes / Raw Mangoes –

These are no doubt most relished fruit, and most cherished ones seeped deep into pure childhood nostalgia, so many stories had been weaved around it. The first sight of small baby mangoes hiding behind the lush full  green leaves announces the summer.

sakkare gutti mangoes


Green mangoes have immense health benefits. The myriad of essential vitamins in green mango such as vitamins C, K, A, B6 and folate provides a host of healing benefits. It shields us from intense heat of tropics, an amazing natural remedy to treat gastrointestinal issues, keeps our heart healthy, promotes liver health, boost immunity and so on.

Here are — unique recipes that you can make with green mangoes.

Green mangoes usually goes into making pickles, uncooked/ raw green mango chutney (that we prepare with green mangoes, onion and mint leaves, with ginger, bit of garlic, squeeze of lemon juice, black pepper that keeps us going through the hottest of summer months) or aam panna, the most popular essential summer thirst quencher.

But have you tried out these Green Mango recipes yet?

Click on the recipe title for the recipes.


1) Bengali Fish Curry With Green Mango, Mustard And Coconut – A light soupy kind of fish curry with green mango, mustard and coconut is an all time summer favourite at home. Slightly tangy with undertones of heat from mustard and green chilies, paired perfectly with sweetness of coconut that balance out the flavour, making this fish curry taste so delicious.

fish curry with green mango

2)Bengali Tok / Green Mango Dal – is a perfect marriage of sour and sweet flavours, with a delicate balance that you need to achieve.  A kiss of fiery red chillies ,the rhythmic dances of tiny mustard seeds, and a whiff of bhaja masala, together creates a magical harmonic balance of taste and flavours.

Bengali tok dal green mango dal

3) Green mango and apple salad – is sweet, spicy, tangy and chatpata with granysmith green apples, red bell peppers, tomatoes and loads of other things to entice you. This is super healthy, super nutritious and perfect evening snacks for summer.

green mango chaat recipe

4) Chicken in mango mustard sauceMurgi’r aam kasundi / Chicken in mango mustard sauce is rather an unusual Indian chicken curry from the vast repertoire of Bengali cuisine.

chicken curry mango mustard

5) Green Mango Chutney – A popular Bengali sweet and tangy green mango chutney spiced up with panch phoron, sweetened up with jaggery and which can be enjoyed after the meal or you can use this as conserve too.

Mango chutney indian

Ripe Mangoes – have also immense health benefits. Ripe mangoes helps in maintaining cholesterol level, helps in cleansing skin, regulates diabetes as mangoes are low on GI index , helps in alkalizing our body, good source of essential minerals like potassium and magnesium that helps in regulating blood pressure, also a good source of essential vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin C, strengthens our immunity and so on.

Ripe mangoes are best enjoyed as fruits, and you can make countless dishes out of the ripe mangoes.  Our childhood were peppered with numerous memories of enjoying mango milk shakes and mango kulfi  through out the summer holidays. Now a days mango smoothies in all possible variations, mango popsicles, mango yogurt pops and mango ice creams are very popular among kids.

But have you tried out these Ripe Mango recipes yet?

Click on the recipe title for the recipes.

Mangoes in Curries –

6) Thai Red Curry With Mango And Shrimp – Thai Mango Prawn Coconut Curry is a easy delightful Thai red  curry with coconut milk and goodness of ripe mangoes.

thai shrimp mango curry

7) Mangalorean Ripe Mango Curry – is a delightful vegan summer time curries that you can make with indigenous wild mangoes or small baby mangoes also known as sakkare gutti in Karnataka.

mangalorean mango curry

8) Herb Crusted Tilapia in Thai Mango Sauce – is a wonderful dish whereby herb crusted crispy tilapia are paired with mango chilli sauce which is so easy to make at home too. Do not forget to try this.

tilapia recipe mango sauce

Other than these ripe mangoes can be used for making jams, jellies, preserves and conserves too.

9) Here is Ripe Mango Chutney – this ripe mango chutney can be easily doubled up as conserves or relishes too for your meals. It is sweet, spicy and so flavourful that you wont be able to stop at one spoonful.

sweet mango chutney

Mangoes are excellent in salads too. My favourite is Thai Green Mango Salad with peanut dressing and this Mexican mango salsa.

10) Mango, pineapple avocado salsa -Pineapple, mango and avocado salsa with crunch from the red onions, little heat from minced jalapeno and a generous drizzle of lemon juices and handful of cilantro makes it the best summer refreshment of the season.

pineapple mango salsa

Mangoes are excellent in making desserts and there are countless way of using mangoes in desserts like cakes, cheesecakes, triffles, puddings and so on.

Mangoes in Desserts

11) Mango Sandesh  – Aam sandesh / Mango sandesh or milk based fudge infused with mango flavor is an exquisite Bengali dessert. You can also make mango barfi, mango peda and other similar fudge.

mango sandesh recipe

12) No Bake Mango Kalakand Tart  – The richness of kalakand (reduced milk fudge) infused with the summer king mangoes that has added a touch of elegance to the dish, beautifully complements the salty biscuit tart base.

mango kalakand tart recipe

13) Mango Shrikhand / Amrakhand With Keto Pooris  -Amrakhand or Mango Shrikhand, a yogurt based dessert from Maharashtra -With Keto Friendly Poori that is pooris made by using low carb flour . Do check this out. This is amazing.

amrakhand mango shrikhand poori recipe

14) Aamras poori – -is flavoured mango pulp that is enjoyed best when chilled and is usually paired with deep fried puffed bread called poori. Aamras poori in summers is pure bliss.

Other Indian Desserts or Sweets that you can make with mangoes are Mango Kheer, Mango Rabdi and Mango Phirni.

15) Eggless Mango Sponge Cake and Killer Mango Buttercream – This super delicious cotton soft eggless mango sponge cake is what you will need this summer. Enjoy it simply as afternoon tea cake or you can layer this up with our killer mango buttercream (with real butter) frosting.

eggless sponge cake without condensed milk

16) Mango kulfi  – Mango kulfi – a frozen dessert from India, thick, dense and milky with scent of cardamom and beautiful streaks of saffron making it delicious and mangolicious .

Mango kulfi

17) Mango flan with coconut cream  -Mango flan or creme caramel is a popular dessert with mango and coconut cream makes it perfect for the summers.

Mango flan

18) Mango Fruit Leather / Aam Papad – are excellent way to preserve the goodness of mangoes when summers will be gone. They equally doubled up as healthy and nutritious snacks for kids too.

mango fruit leather aam papad


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