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a tale of two peas – yellow and green

Come winter and the streets will be filled with green peas, young ones freshly graduated from the pods, waiting to experience a new life, looks so pretty and sweet in their green suit that every one adores them, likes them and brought them home. Green peas knows it all well, their hearts swelled up with pride when people complemented them, they adorn the gourmet tables, farmers organizes special festival in honour of them, and they got all the attention in the world, may be for this reason they sometimes behave little pricey. And these worldly adoration makes them snobbish too and always looked down upon their country cousins – the yellow peas as rustic and uncultured creatures.

So when Anju bought kilos of fresh and young green peas, they happily climbed over her basket in anticipation of a high-profile urban life where they can even got a chance to meet the expat peppers and parsely. But little did they knew that these journey to Anju’s house will prove fatal to them… because this is not an ordinary house, here strange things happens at night…..

Now Anju is a regular housewife, who thinks cooking is not the usual chore but an art in itself, she has also started her blog on cooking as well and coming to green peas she simply loved them. As soon as she entered the kitchen, she put the green peas in one of her imported fancy reed basket, that she bought from a handicraft exhibition. Little did she know what lies ahead …

photo cue: desisoccermom

Later that night when the clock struck 12, Anju’s kitchen comes alive. Dusty potatoes starts their soccer training session, onions are on board room meeting discussing their share value in the stock market, mischievous lemons starts their funky games of hide n seek, eggplants are once again on the street collecting the votes against the bt.variety (gene manipulation), cilantro and parsley enjoys their spa session, cheeky tomatoes are engaged in some juicy gossips, apples, grapes and oranges are on some high table meeting discussing the latest policy in food programmes, while mangoes are enjoying their salsa lessons and the green peas…well it seems they have just received an invitation from the bell pepper party. Amidst all these, if someone is not happy or busy with their usual things are the yellow peas in their old plastic houses with torn roofs.

Ypea is beautiful and intelligent but she has less admirers because of the color of her skin, many times she tries to equate herself with the Gpea but was thrown mercilessly in a puddle, and years of these discrimination has sown the seed of jealousy and hatredism in her. That night when once again the Gpeas has entered the kitchen and secured themselves in that fancy basket she can’t take it anymore.

“enough is enough” she told to her sisters and friends. “this is simply not fair…look at those they are enjoying the party…we are peas too…colonial cousins…separated at birth…if Mr.mendell (father of genetics) has not played with us for long, we would have attend that stature what Gpeas are enjoying today..this is sad that no one wants us, no one think any gourmet delicacy with us…and look at that Anju..she has chalked out a dozen of recipe to try on those Gpeas and once again they will win all the accoloades…have u guys remembered when she last touch you with her soft and arty fingers…” they don’t have any answer for that because they knew it well what Ypea has said is all truth. This is an ugly world indeed.

In one corner, the wicked bitter gourd was listening to all these conversations and was smiling at them. This further irks Ypea and she shouted at him. The old and wicked BG thought that perhaps he has the solution to their problem, hiding his wicked smile he once again approached them. ” you know Ypea, the only thing that differentiates between you and Gpeas are the color of your skin, take my good advice and go color yourself green”.

Ypea retorts back…fuming…’have you gone mad…this is the question of livelihood of entire yellow peas…we will lose our identity…we want people to accept us as we are…’ BG was expecting something like this, so he patiently tries to make his point clear ” look, it is the color of the skin that drives the world, it divides the nation, the people, the culture, the ethnicity…everything is guided by this color…I know this sounds outrageous and sheer case of racism and this is harsh but true and remember you are not alone in this..even carrots feels the same way in winter when red carrots appears and so the radish, cauliflower however has some inherent problem with the broccoli’.

After listening to Bg and weighing their options, Ypea and her folks finally agreed to what Bg has suggested. They rallied behind Bg to find the farmer who uses colors on vegetables.

food adulteration

"color me green" - says Ypeas

It was just before morning when they reached Anju’s kitchen, Gpeas were sleeping peacefully in their basket, party seemed to be over, they tiptoed to their basket and with the help of Bg they tied all the Gpeas together, put them in plastic bag and dumped them in the kitchen bin.

Next day, when Anju was preparing the vegetable pilaf, she thought of using some green peas too, so she picked a handful from the basket and throws in the pilaf, but one lazy bum could not make the jump and she landed on the vessel of water kept near the stove. After few minutes of cooking, a casual glance at the water vessel left her in state of horror and shock. The color of the water turns green…

She rushed to the basket and throw all the peas in the water vessel, soon the water turns into ugly green color. She couldn’t believe her eyes, this is so un ethical, she felt cheated and become terribly upset. She quickly grab the phone and called her husband, explaining him about the peas.

While she was away from the kitchen, Ypea and gang silently jumped from the vessel, tip-toed their way through the kitchen backdoor and on to the wild weeds…

Last heard that some one has tipped the carrot police about the disappearance of Gpeas. Ypeas are still absconding….

Sharing this tale of two peas with the event: chalk and chopsticks @ Jaya of desisoccermom, started by Aqua of served with love.


Note: the story may be written in a light and humourous way but this is a very disappointing and un-ethical case of food adulteration in India. Not only peas, other vegetables like bitter gourds, ivy gourds, and even some fishes too share similar fate.  



  • Reply
    July 25, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    🙂 truly enjoyed reading this

  • Reply
    Priya Yallapantula
    July 26, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    wow, how creative, loved reading this unusual food ingredients’ story 🙂

  • Reply
    Desi Soccer Mom
    August 9, 2011 at 1:55 am

    Thank you for that tale of peas. There indeed is something wrong with the world if green peas need to be dyed. Laughed out loud about the carrot police. Hope they are still hot on the trail of the absconding peas.

  • Reply
    August 11, 2011 at 6:39 am

    I love the title. 😀 The peas do narrate a beautiful tale!

  • Reply
    SS Blogs Here
    August 14, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    Wow. really? They dye raw veggies? Hmm..

    Very cute story and thanks for the info!

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