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Monsoon and Hilsa

Monsoon is finally waning down from the Indian subcontinent and in the coming two-three weeks it will mellow down  to autumn with the onset of Navratri festivals and Durga Pujo.

As per the Met reports, there was a significant decline in the amount of rainfall this year which brings woes to the farmers,  power sectors, water shortage,  commodity prices and many more.

But there remains only one thing on every Bong foodies’ mind – the supply of Hilsa. Bengali’s romance with this  silver streak fish, which they love to call ‘ilish’,  is a very well-known affair. So that its availability makes catchy headlines on Kolkata newspaper, where everyone awaits eagerly  for monsoon. This is the season when hilsa taste best and is available plenty in the fish market. But this monsoon it was barely on the plate, blame it on deficient monsoon or the  polluted waters of Ganges with ever decreasing oxygen level which hinders its movement upstream.  As a result supply was short and prices have been skyrocketed,  reached up to Rs 600 per kg.


hilsa or ilish

Bengalee's favorite Ilish or Hilsa

According to the reports this is the situation for last five monsoons, and it fears that  if nothing has been done to improve the current state ,  Bengal’s favorite fish may soon disappear from the lunch menu. This is the latest concern among the fishery organizations et. al. and off course the foodies communities.


It has been heard that sooner a ‘save Hilsa project ‘ will be launched so that Bengalis can savour their favorite fish forever.

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    f. aber
    October 25, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    where is photo ? pls post photo.

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