Three most popular types of pastry – Know your pastry

Know your pastry

A pastry generally brings images of pieces of cake sliced and topped with cream whip, nuts and fruits. It brings forth images of sweet, soft and spongy cake slices. As a kid, a pastry always meant a treat for me. I was amazed at the number of options available in pastries. This was a couple of decades ago. The options available now is a different ball game altogether. If there was a simple classic butterscotch pastry in the past, there are exotic versions of butter scotch now. There are all kinds of combinations that are available now thanks to the creativity of chefs around the world.

Food delivery, advancement in tech and logistics has made it easier to taste some of the best pastries from all over the world. For a sweet lover like me, this is a big blessing. Many people think pastries are sweet desserts alone. Even I thought the same for a long time. It was an accidental discussion I had with an uncle of mine, who also loves food equally, that I know there is a lot more to pastry than just sweet desserts. We ordered pastries online. One thing lead to another and eventually we were discussing pastries. That’s how I got to know.

My uncle is a by the book guy. So he actually started with the definition of pastries! I will not bore you with such elaborate detail. Ill just suffice it to say that a pastry is dough made of flour, water, eggs and oil. This dough can be used to make multiple things, both sweet and salty. Apparently a good pastry should be light, flaky, tender and should crumble easily. It should also be of a golden brown colour. These facts are good to know when ordering via food delivery.

The pastry dough can be used to make the following :-

Short crust pastry – this type of pastry is made as a base for tart, pie or a quiche. It is molded in the shape of the container in which the pie, tart or quiche is made. This base is then stuffed with ingredients and baked. These pastries are soft and gooey.

Puff pastry – this is a pastry that is widely popular. The puff pastry is rich in fat and oil content. The method of making this pastry involves a lot of work. Layers of the puff pastry is used with oil or butter as greasing to bind the layers. It is then filled with different kinds of stuffing, sealed and then baked. These pastries are crunchy and chewy.

Rough puff pastry – this pastry is akin to that of puff pastry but less flaky. The method of preparation is almost the same. These pastries are heavy.

Choux pastry – these pastries are made of lots of eggs, very little flour and enough water. They are beaten together for a paste like consistency. This mixture is later piped into bags and baked on sheets. They puff up to reveal a cavity that is filled with sweet or salty mixture. They can be popped into the mouth at one go.

These are just some pastries that I got to learn about. Thankfully when we order pastries on line, a number of such varieties are now accessible.

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