10,000 visitors and counting

On 15 th of October we had topped the 10,000 unique visitors for the first time. I know it is not a big figure but for us it is highly encouraging. With less than 50 blog post and 10,000 visitors is definitely very overwhelming for us.

Thanks to all of you who dropped in to see what saffronstreaks is all about, contributed with their comments and feedbacks and given us much encouragement and support.

Stay with us as we are brimming with new ideas, new stories and recipes, new travelogues and aiming to make it more better and better !

If you like (or do not like) any recipes, or stories or photographs feel free to post your comments, can subscribe in your mail box (we assured we are not a spammer) or subscribe the blog feeds, share on facebook and fan my page if you like. Tell me what you expect from this blog, do we need to diversify or how it stands in the competitive blog market ? We assured all the contents and photographs here are genuine. We value your readership highly and your comments and feedbacks actually drives my blog as we feel inspired and encouraged.

Thanks once again for the support and encouragement. We are celebrating this special moment with a very special and popular Indian dessert, yes you have guessed it right yummy gajar ka halwa” is on the way.

Thanx and looking forward to your visits


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