100th post and an introspection

100th post and 20,000 unique visitors ! Does this milestone means anything?

Nothing if you are looking at it from a SEO perspective but for me it meant a lot.

I was blogging for a while, but was progressing at a very snail pace. There were times when it was lying dormant for months, work, home and travel kept me busy and it was becoming very diificult to continue further.

It was the passion for cooking and travel which brings me to the world of blogosphere and saffronstreaks was conceived some 5 years ago. Initailly, it was a website which eventually get transformed into a blog and to survive here requires lots of dedication, passion, and time. A blog is quiet different from a website in its structure, SEO rules and it has its own set of fundamentals which I began to understand slowly.

It was really difficult for me to choose between a job and passion, when both does not coincide. Finally, it was the passion which wins over and I have no regret whatsoever. I am happy being a full time blogger.

What blogging gives me ? A new high when ever my post get some appreciation, rekindle my passion for photography and oppurtunity to explore new dimensions in cooking and food technology. It also introduce me to so many bloggers (where strangers become freinds), trends in food both domestic and international, world cuisine, gourmet travellers and more.

12 Interesting snippets from the past:

  • First time super hit: The recipes that I tried for the first time and become an instant super hit are Gulab jamuns and rasgullas.
  • K’Jo formula for sure success : black pepper, garlic and coconut (like tear-jerking script, good music and star cast) three essential formula for seafoods like prawns and crabs, you can not go wrong with it.
  • Super flops : recipes that were dumped at trash can are daab chingri and fish kabiraji cutlet. Daab chingri can not be made at gas stove, try it in oven, I doubt it that too. The lacy eggnet for kabiraji cutlet just refused to form.
  • Not a hit but would like to give a second chance: sandesh (bengali sweet dish)
  • My experiments with food: narkel ilish, more will join soon
  • Food stories that evokes controversial responses: who owns the rasgulla?
  • Introduction to Spanish cuisine through a cooking workshop: Caperberry
  • Post that got maximum comment and was singular in driving the blog alone: Durga puja bangalore 2010
  • Only post on food adulteration: diwali mithais, will write more on the topic
  • My first and most loved traveloge: gangotri-gaumukh trekking which actually inspire me to write further on travels
  • My first DIY trip: Ayutthaya (Thailand)
  • Maximum traffic sender: google search engines

Few snippets about me:

  • A qualified geologist, an ex- GIS and IT professional and now a full time blogger.
  • Budding chef at my home, an amateur photographer and a SEO, blog marketeer etc etc dons many hat while blogging.
  • Person with no native, having lived in most of the states of the country.
  • I have no favouirte color ( like mostly earthy tones), no favourite movies, no favourite songs.
  • My other passion includes: painting (good at water colors, will learn oil painting someday) and poetry (in hindi inspired by Gulzar)
  • Given a chance can trek for months in the Himalayas.

Looking forward to: Holy recipes; second series on Bengali new year (see the first series); Weekend getaways ex-Bangalore; moving to own domain, learning the basics of photography before buying a DSLR and new section on baking.

Stay tuned, and have a wonderful day.



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    March 3, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    Congrats on the wonderful journey 🙂
    It’s so nice to know about you and your passions more 🙂 you have really delivered quality post that I enjoyed reading very much 🙂

  • Reply
    March 4, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    Congrats on your wonderful journey. Thank you for sharing your nice recipes.

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