…an epicurean’s journey few years back…

I don’t remember quiet well whether I love to eat in my growing up years but food and health was major concern for my parents and family docs. They experiment with every kind of tonic on me…iron, calcium, magnesium to name a few.

It was in the undergraduate years when I first step into the kitchen!! Well it was my hostel’s kitchen with very basic amenities, a gas stove, vessel, knife and few spoons. I had to prepare something for my seniors. Request list was endless but somehow managed to convince them for ‘maggi’ the instant noodle. After struggling for few minutes with gas stove, I finally put the vessel on stove with water as required and put the noodle cakes in it with the spice mix. After few more minutes of struggling I decided to take it off from the flame. Still was confused whether it cooked properly or not. There lying was this small sachet of tomato ketchup in a dusty corner of the kitchen which finally ended up in my first ‘maggi for the seniors’.

TG…they liked it and thus got another lifeline.

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