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Dear Readers,

Announcing my participation in WordPress challenge “postaday2011”.

2011 and its time for some change !

No, Not any New year resolution, because I don’t believe in that. Every day is new to me. So one fine morning it has dawned upon me that I have neglected my blog for a while, lots of food and travel stories and recipes are eating up the spaces in my computer’s hard drives and off course I have not done any justice to my readers by not sharing all those wonderful things.

So I have decided to blog everyday in 2011 and WordPress’s newest venture “postaday2011” will help to motivate me. I am not professional writer, but an ardent reader and thinker, who loves to write, so sometimes you may find my post wonderful and inspirational and sometimes plain and boring ! It’s all part of life cycle I guess, everyday is different, and so every post demands to be different.

Shower me with your ideas, views and feedbacks to make it more better and with your encouragement, lets see how far saffronstreaks travels….


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