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…It is neither an ending nor the beginning but a journey when you stops for few moments to look back upon the road that you have travelled so far, to cherish the happy moments and to console oneself not to despair over the failures or to feel dismal or broken-hearted over the shattered dreams, but be thankful for what you have and hoping for even better and brighter days ahead…



The year that was –

We had welcomed the year with lots of hopes and dreams as my pregnancy was happily progressing after lots of roller coaster rides. A new beginning was waiting to happen. I had never thought or presumed how my perspective will shift slowly and in the wake of all these events, one thing that I did right was to adopt Yoga in my life. And now I can tell you without it, I could not have survived my pregnancy. It has taken me to that level where I could had never imagined myself to be there. Someday I would definitely love to share my experience on pre-natal and post-natal yoga and how it has changed my perception and my life choices altogether. 

My Garden that bloomed and withered this year… and how endings become beginnings



As a food and travel blogger this year was quiet dim and low and I just managed to keep the hearth warm by posting a single blogpost a month. On the brighter side, we did some product review and wrote few guest post for our sponsors, that little monetary support sometimes feel very encouraging.

So here goes quick recap of the year and let me tell you going forward we are turning into a new leaf, and will reveal our ideas slowly in the coming days.

Black forest cake for the love of life and chocolate –  “the decadent black forest cake epitomizes the divinity of chocolate in its true spirit, this heavenly torte is dream of every bakers to whip up the best one possible. Life offers good and precious things in small slices and to me a heavenly slice of black forest cake is all I need to rejuvenate my spirits. Just the way you need a pure soul to cook a good and hearty soup, black forest cake to me is like whipping up all life’s goodness into its many layers.” 

black forest cake


Dhaba style chicken bharta : “for centuries people from different culture, countries had migrated to Calcutta and made the city their second home. For last three centuries, Calcutta remained the hotspot for mass migration for people who were seeking jobs, business opportunities and also for people who left their home countries in the wake of political and religious issues, thus seeking asylum in the city. In due course of time, flavours intermingles, criss crossing the geographical boundaries. Along the grand Trunk road built by Sher Shah Suri which helped to connect the two communities, numerous dhabas starts their initial journey along the National highways…

chicken bharta


Mutton Yakhni Pulao-Beautiful things in life are often simple and elegant. There is beauty in simplicity, just like this Yakhni pulao, simple and pale but highly fragrant and full of flavours. Meat with bone in are marinated for long hours in yogurt and then boiled in enough water with variety of whole spices. The word Yakhni is derived from “akhin” which means broth or stock or shorba. The rice was then cooked in that fragrant broth together with the tender meat and together they makes a marriage made in heaven. Deliciousness uncorrupted. Pure, simple and heavenly. The pale color of the dish is very deceptive, not photogenic enough, hence it never share the same limelight like biryanis, never got that royal treatment it deserves so much…

mutton yakhni pulao


Beetroot chops / cutlets – “Beetroots were the rarest vegetable in my family, except when my dad used them to prepare the devilicious good mutton stew, Ma never made it knowing my personal relationship with the vegetable. But come winter, me and my cousins used to flock around the chopwala near our local post office gully who is known for making awesome beetroot chops and dishing out those awesomeness in just 6 Rs…

beetroot chop cutlet


Shahi paneer kofta pulao -“While Autumn afternoons are inherently sweet, charming, calm and soothing, the joy doubles up when you received some surprised gifts and if that happens to be a cookbook from your favorite chef, life can not be more blissful than this. On one such lazy winter afternoon I had chance upon this sweet, flavorful pulao recipe draft long buried under the nested folders of my memory, and as the sun shone brightly against the deep blue winter sky, it was time to give some life to this fragrant, ever loving pulao recipe that my family chose to relish only on special occasions…

paneer pulao recipe


Sago kheer / sabudana pudding Thai style – “Each measure of the white pearly pudding carefully paired with slices of mango pieces, filled our heart with the unspoken delight and the mouth was filled with deliciousness that the lady has promised it will do. As we were slowly finishing up the chilled dessert, relishing each and every bite of it, soaking into the the slow but interesting life of the island, it finally dawned upon us that what we had just eaten was nothing but sago pudding or sabudana kheer that is extremely common and popular in our own country and culture. Little did we know that it could taste so magical when paired with fresh tropical fruit…”

sabudana kheer recipe

death valley


My most favorite Himalayan trek wishlist : 

Every time I trek through Himalaya, it poses new challenges for me, it teaches me new thing every time. That was probably for the first time I had seen the Himalayas from close range. Gangotri- Tapovan circuit is beautiful beyond words, river Alkananda keeps accompany you throughout your journey, keeping the hope alive that life exist at such barren and inhabitable land…

Gaumukh trek


Wishing everyone a brighter, happier and foodie New Year 2017

See you all next year,


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