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Hello Dear,

Welcome to our new home : Saffronstreaks, a food and travel blog with new format and new look. After enjoying blogging for more than a year and half, we have decided to move here : our new domain which we lovingly called as our new home.

It will remain primarily as a food and travel blog, but we are planning to introduce more content rich features as well.


Please allow us to show our new site for everyone’s convenience.

As you might have noticed that this is little different from usual blog layout, yes, it is in magazine format, as we want to showcase our rich and varied content in user friendly way, with more ease of accessibility.

  1. Starting from header section, on the left you will find our logo and a search bar to the right, this search bar is to search keywords on this site and not a google search bar.
  2. Below the search bar, we have your favourite social icons, RSS where you can read our feeds in your favourite reader, you can stay connected with us by using twitter and Facebook icons and an email icon to contact us for any queries or info or media related things.
  3. Just after that we have only one navigation bar or menu where you will find the pages relating to Recipe indexes, about us : saffronstreaks, food stories, restaurant reviews, travelogues and more will join as we continue to grow.
  4. Coming to the main content area, we have a Featured slide show which will showcase our best or featured articles and this will keep refreshing as we continue to add more featured articles. This slide show is clickable and it will take you to the respective post.
  5. Below the slide show is our Headline section, the most important one where you will see our latest or recent post on this site.
  6. Further down is Spotlight section and for this month the spotlight is on Baking, so you will see three recent recipes from that section. This will keep changing as from time to time we will move the spotlight to new sections to highlight them.
  7. Scroll further down, and you will see our Recipes section which will display four recent recipes on this site and further down is Travel section which will display three recent travel articles on this site..
  8. Coming to the Sidebar section, which everyone love to decor with different kind of widgets, we have at the top right is tabbed sidebar displaying featured, recent posts, recent comments and most used tags all in one container. Just click on the tabs and it will refresh to show you the relevant content.
  9. Scroll down and you will see an Email subscriber box, just enter your valid email address and press the subscribe button, a window will pop up asking you to subscribe to our newsletter which is absolutely free and you can read it right in your inbox. We are good people, we don’t spam and will keep your email id private as we respect our readers privacy.
  10. Below the email subscriber box is our new section : Food stories which will display three recent articles on that section.
  11. Next are the Archives and Category section where you can browse the recipes and articles sorted on the basis of year/month or category wise.
  12. At the bottom of the page is our footer section, displaying Facebook fan like box for our Facebook page, if you like us on FB, you will be the first to know our latest posts as we keep publicizing our post to the Facebook page, you can follow us in Networked blogs too and can join us in the twitter conversation.
  13. At the bottom of a single post you will find our Comment section, where you can leave your feedbacks or responses, be nice and don’t spam as we have anti-spammers activated on this site.

So, in short this is all about our new site, hope you have understood all and become accustomed to our new layout and with time we are planning to introduce new columns like : “weekend tech bites ” which will deal with the technical difficulties of blogging and hoping to provide some solutions too.

Coming up next : Chocolate coconut slices, stay tuned till then

Whether you have liked or disliked our new site, feel free to voice your suggestions and remarks, we will be anxiously waiting for your responses.

Have a good day


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    December 22, 2011 at 11:54 pm

    Congrats Sukanya on your new home..very nicely done 🙂

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