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A quiet morning @ Hebbal Lake, Bangalore

Two years back when we moved to North Bangalore, I was charmed by the beauty of this man-made lake, so peaceful, calm and serene. The view from the flyover is really beautiful, specially during sunsets. As a budding photographer I was so enthusiasts to capture the landscape of Hebbal lake at sunset, but could not find a place to shoot, as it was surrounded by the filth, garbage and acts as a dumping ground for the construction works. The view from the road is best, but it was too busy, looks like trespassing on the wrong side.

hebbal lake bangalore

So, I decided to do the early morning shooting at the lake. It was also time to test my new 50mm f/1.8 lens for outdoor shooting.

Though the lake is huge but walking area within the drawn boundaries is too small. That narrows down further my limits. The lake is eutrophic and the profuse of nutrients helps the growth of water hyacinth and other aquatic plants that fringed the lake on all sides. And this kind of habitat is favored by many birds. Hebbal lake is paradise for bird watchers, habitat for migratory birds, so if you are really into bird photography, visit the park during the month of September and October with your tele photo lens.  On a given day, during early morning and evening, you will get to see lots of birds too.

hebbal lake bangalore

The landscapes are just okay with 50mm, but it is the flowers and other small things that I enjoyed shooting with it.

This is the beauty of this lens, it nicely blurs out the background and produce a considerable sharp image. With the help of tripods, you can shoot real sharp images, especially when it was breezy.

hebbal lake flowers

The play of sunlight on the spider web.

spider web hebbal lake

flowers hebbal lake

flowers hebbal lake

Few pointers for Hebbal lake :

The gate is difficult to locate on the first visit, so keep driving on the flyover, take the u turn and you will be right there.

The park is fee less for the morning walkers, so if you come around between 6-8 am, it will be free. For rest of the day, a meagre amount of ten rupees is charged as fee.

The Hebbal lake is located at NH7, at the junction between Bellary road and ORR.

P.S : All the photos are taken by me.

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