Pretzel baked with sunshine and love

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{Day 3 }

Pretzel baked with copious amount of sunshine and love claimed a Philadelphia based pretzel shop which features pretzels in differnt flavours and shape, filled with cheese and where the pretzel assumes an iconic stauture.

Pretzels made their maiden voyage to America in 19th century through the German immigrants, where it was originated and was known as brezel, made from dough with a symmetrical knot and glazed with sugar, chocolate to savory sauces.


This photograph was taken at Quincy market, Boston in BW camera mode

Though pretzel comes in many flavours, but I like the classic buttery one simply showered with sugar or sometimes accompanied by a cheese dip, and it becomes my absolutely favourite evening snacks. So on a weekend trip to Quincy market at Boston, (my favourite place as it houses so many eateries and from lobster rolls to crab cakes, all in one place..yummm…) when I saw these freshly baked pretzel, I could not resist. We bought two pretzel – the classic one sprinkled with sugar and the other glazed with chocolate, and later some pretzel dogs too, for a very pretzely evening !!!


This photograph has been given an aged effect known asalbumen“. This kind of photography was very popular during 1850 to 1890 and this inexpensive photographic method produced paper-based photos. Negatives were captured on glass and then print on paper that used albumen from egg whites to bind the light sensitive chemicals to the paper.

This post is linked to Susan’s black and white wednessdays a culinary photo event.

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    February 15, 2012 at 4:14 pm


    Susan is not able to host BWW we thought it would be nice to have a place where we can collect BWW culinary pics for her when she comes back. Here is a Flickr group if you want to join:

    Details are on my post too:

    thanks for listening and I hope if you like to idea for Susan too you’ll help spread the word!

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