20 Unique Monsoon Special / Rainy Day Recipes

Monsoon Recipes

Unique monsoon recipes to soothe our soul. As soon as the dark sullen clouds gathers fast over the black fringe of the forest, with rows of palm trees by the lake smiting its heads against the dismal sky. It brings cheers to our face…a smile of hope. And when it rains it pours incessantly, rhythmically …pitter….patter….pat…days after days..

We long for some comfort and coziness and what soothes our soul better than a cup of chai and some hot and spicy pakoras.

We bring you some of the best and unique Monsoon special dishes that goes beyond the usual chai and pakora routine.

Top 20 Best And Unique Monsoon Recipes

Healthy Monsoon Recipes.

Soups for our distressed soul . Soups and stews in all forms and variants are good, healthy and nourishing for both mind and body .

Sweet Lime And Lemony Chicken Curried Soup

Flavoured with fresh lemon grass. Lemon grass which is known for its anti inflammatory properties and is very potent against common cold, congestion and mild fevers.  This mild chicken stew is brewed with ingredients , all the health benefits it can offer.

lime lemon chicken curry recipe

Lime n lemon chicken

Borscht Style Mutton Stew With Beetroots

This hearty and nutritious Borscht style Mutton / Meat Stew With Beetroots And Vegetables is one of  our regulars during Monsoon and is definitely so soul stirring. Beetroots are are nutrient dense and super healthy vegetable.  Try this unique Ukrainian meat stew with beetroots and vegetables.

mutton stew with beetroot


You can also try the Vegetarian version of Borscht too. Vegetarian Beetroot Soup.

Cream Of Red Bell Pepper Soup
Why red bell peppers are good for you ? Because it contains carotenoids, packed with antioxidants, collagen that will keep your skin healthy, improve night vision and minerals and vitamins like vitamin C and B6. This soup is wonderful way to enjoy the goodness of red bell peppers. You can roast the red bell peppers and combine it with tomatoes to make the soup or you can go solo like this recipe. Roasting gives a nice sweet and smoky flavor to the peppers and fresh rosemary adds depth of flavour to this velvety soup.

cream of red pepper soup

Red Bell Pepper Soup

Spicy Carrot And Ginger Soup
You will definitely love this soup on rainy days. A good remedy for your sore throat too, the ginger will really help you clear the congestion of thoughts and otherwise. Enjoy this beautiful carrot soup alone or with crackers, it is going to be memorable one.

Burmese Khow Suey
This subtly spiced curried coconut milk broth can be your best bet for monsoons. It is usually served with plain boiled egg noodles and topped with fried eggs, fried garlic, crispy fried onions and many other toppings that offers a delightful contrasting texture and adds range of flavours in every bite.

vegetarian khow suey

Burmese Khow Suey

Thai Green Curry With Chicken
What is monsoon without a bowl of freshly made Thai Green Curry with loads of vegetables and enriched with all the right ingredients that you will nourish your soul and body. Lemon grass, cilantro, limes, chillies, galangal, shallots, basil and off course the coconut milk. Every good thing is there in one bowl.

thai green curry chicken

Thai Green Curry

You might also like our Thai Chicken Coconut Soup / Tom Kha Kai

Comfort Food For Monsoon / Rainy Days Recipes

How can you spell rains / monsoon without saying it ?
By having one big piping hot bowl of Khichdi. The true comfort food ever known to man.
Bengali Musoor Dal Khichdi
The red lentils are cooked together with par-boiled rice (which is common in Bengali homes), big chunks of potatoes, sliced onions and whole garam masala.You will need some assortments of fries (like begun bhaja / fried eggplants, aloo bhaja / potato fries; potol bhaja / parwal fries;  mach bhaja / fish / hilsa fry) to take this humble dish to just another level.

Bengali Khichdi

Popular Monsoon / Rainy Days Recipes

Masala chai or the bold Assam or the sunshine gold Darjeeling, tea /chai is India’s national drink. The very foundation of the rhythms of our life. In fact India runs on chai.
Aloo Gobhi Samosa / Phulkopir Shingara (in Bengali)
With chai comes the next, samosa. And I think it should be made India’s national snack. Try our Aloo Gobhi Samosa / Bengali Style Cauliflower Potato Shingara . Its different.

bengali phulkopi singara

Bengali Gobhi samosa

Sabudana Vada

Deep fried goodies like samosa and vadas are pure love. Sabudana vada is inherently gluten free snack. You can also make this vada in less oil by shallow fry it or air fry it. With bits of crunch peanuts in every bite, this is one of the most sought after snack.

Corn Satay

Any discussion of monsoon food remains incomplete without the mention of Corn or Bhutta. Here is our Malaysian take on corn – Corn Satay. Insanely good. Approved by my 5 year old. Hot, crispy, honey glazed baby corn satay lightly spiced and when dunked in hot tomato chilli sauce, its heaven.

baby corn satay starter

Corn Satay

Ghugni Chaat

Chaats are our all time favourite but during the rainy season, we undoubtedly crave more for it. The plethora of spices, the explosion of flavours in each bite can make anyone drool on the mere mention of it.

Here is our Ghugni Chaat which is hot favourite in our home.

ghugni recipe

Ghugni Chaat

In rainy season we usually prefers hot chaats like this ghugni chaat, samosa chaat, ragda patties, sev poori, aloo-tikki chole chaat and so on. Basically which does not have yogurt in it. And that can be enjoyed hot or warm.

Chops And Cutlets – Best Monsoon Recipes

They somewhat taste better during rainy season with piping hot cuppa alongside.  Here are few from our blog.

Mochar chop / Banana Flower Chop / Cutlet

Deviled Eggs / Dimer Devil / Egg Chop

bengali dimer devil

Dimer devil

Beetroot Chop / Cutlet

Mutton Cutlets 


What A Bengali Crave In Monsoon ? 

It is Ilish / Hilsa. Because this is the season.Queen has come to entice you in all its glory.

Here are few from our blog-

A light hilsa fish curry with fried eggplants and nigella to flavour it.

Ilish macher Jhol / Hilsa fish curry with eggplants

Hilsa fish head dishes are one of the most sought after recipe and here is one our family favourite – hilsa fish head stir fried with pumpkin

Ilish Macher Kata Chorchori  / Hilsa fish head with pumpkin

One of the classic recipe of Hilsa / ilish is ilish bhape or steamed hilsa and I make it two ways –

Ilish Bhape / Steamed Hilsa

Ilish bhape – the classic and most popular recipe of ilish / hilsa.

Ilish Aam Kashundi / Hilsa Steamed In Mango Mustard Sauce

ilish kasundi recipe

Ilish Kashundi

Also the season for Macher Dim / Fish Roe / Fish Egg.

Bengali Macher Dimer Borar Jhol / Fish Roe Fritter Curry

It is one of the seasonal delicacy in Bengal. A monsoon specialty in most of the Bengali homes. Fish roes or eggs obtained from the fish are first mixed with spices, then fried in hot oil till golden brown and crisp. These fish roe fritters (macher dimer bora) can be enjoyed on its own as an evening snack. Or you can make a fish roe fritter curry with potatoes and vegetables like ridge gourd , pointed gourd or with pumpkin.

bengali fish roe curry

Fish Roe Curry

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