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Bengali Pithe Puli Recipes (Poush Parbon ) Makar Sankranti

Bengali Pithe / Pitha Puli Recipes

More than 12 Bengali Poush Sankranti PITHE PULI RECIPES are here in my blog and the list is growing.

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pithe puli order Bangalore

As sun transmigrates from one zodiac to another, season changes. Life moves on and it is that time of the year again to say thank you to Mother earth for selflessly providing us with abundant harvest, shelter and bountiful of happiness. At the same time we must not forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but silently living by them, each day of the year.

bengali pithe puli recipes

Here is a roundup post of Bengali pithe-puli platter, that we prepare with  freshly harvested rice, nolen gur / date palm jaggery and coconut,  specially during Poush / Makar Sankranti.

Click on the title of each pithe for the recipe:

1.Choshi r Payesh / Chushi Pitha Payesh 

It is an ethnic, lost and almost forgotten dish which is pertaining to Bengali cuisine only. Choshi are nothing but hand rolled semai or kind of rice pasta which are sun dried, lightly fried in ghee and then simmered in boiling milk till it become creamy and rich.


chushi pitha, choshir payesh sankranti recipe


2.Mung / Moong Pakon Nakshi Pitha :

Beautiful designs are etched on rolled out lentil and rice dough with the help of thorns of palm trees or toothpicks. These were then deep fried and later dunked in syrup.


moong pakon pitha bangladeshi pitha


3.Bengali Dudh Puli Pitha / Pithe  Recipes: 

Rice dumplings are stuffed with sweetened coconut and jaggery filling and then simmered in thickened milk till lusciously rich and creamy.

bengali dudh puli pithe


4.Ranga aloo r Rosh Pitha / Mishti Aloo r Rosher Pitha / Sweet Potatoes Dumpling :

This one is my personal favorite. Sweet potatoes are first boiled, then mashed with spices and then these are stuffed with coconut sweetened with jaggery and then deep fried and dunked in light syrup.

ranga alur rosh puli


5.Dhakai Bhapa Pitha / Assamese Tekeli Pitha / Dhupi Or Dhunki Pitha :

Bhapa pitha  or steamed rice cakes are staple morning breakfast in many regions and also a special sweet prepared during makar sankranti. Rice flours are steamed in bowl filled with layers of coconut and jaggery filling.


bhapa pitha recipe tekeli pitha


6.Patishapta Pithe (with rice flour)

Soft and lacy rice crepes filled with coconut and jaggery filling . Some also uses khova to make it more creamy.


patishapta pithe


7.Nolen gur er Payesh :

In Bengali homes every occasion from birthday to festivals, it is marked by preparing payesh / kheer. And specially during poush / makar Sankranti  this is being prepared with season’s freshly harvested date palm jaggery.


nolen gurer payesh

8.Narkel er Naru With Nolen Gur / Coconut Laddos With Date Palm Jaggery:

Narkel gur er naru we prepare on many occasions including makar sankaranti and Bengali Kojagari Lakshmi Puja.  Coconut jaggery sweet confection balls. Simple and amazingly delicious. You need just three ingredients to make this beautiful confection.

Gurer naru recipe

Coconut jaggery balls

9.Mug Daler Bhaja Pitha / Mug Shamali :

Savory lentil shells are stuffed with coconut and jaggery and then deep fried in hot oil. If you want you can dunk them later in syrup too.

mung daler bhaja pithe

Bhaja Pithe


10.Mishti Aloo r Pantua / Sweet Potato Gulab Jamuns :

Sweet potato gulab jamun or mishti aloor pantua as it is popularly known in Bengal is one heavenly dessert. That make good use of super food like sweet potatoes. And a must have in our home during Sankranti festival.

sweet potato gulab jamun

Sweet potato jamuns


11.Til Badam Ki Chikki / Sesame And Almond Brittle :

Indian style sesame almond brittle with brown sugar – til badam ki chikki is a north Indian / Maharashtrian  Makar Sankranti special.

sesame brittle

Sesame almond chikki / brittle

12. Bengali Nonta Puli Pithe  Recipes

Steamed rice dumplings filled with spicy and savory fresh green pea mash.

bengali nonta puli pitha

13. Bengali Chirer Dudh Puli Pithe Recipes

Golden fried flattened rice dumplings filled with coconut jaggery and simmered in reduced milk.

chirer dudh puli

Chirer Dudh Puli

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