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bhapa chingri

…bhapa chingri or steamed prawns in rich mustard sauce…

This dish is similar to bhapa ilish (steamed hilsa) only you have to pep it up a little with some combination of spices. Shorshe bata (yellow mustard paste), posto bata (poppy-seed paste) and narkel bata (coconut paste) are the main ingredient and can be used in any proportion or omitted even to suit individual taste and palate. Some recipes also use curd in it. But I prefer it this way and they are simply awesome !

bhapa chingri

Bhapa chingri or steamed prawns in rich mustard sauce


Prawns (medium size) : 10-12 pieces
Ginger (chopped): 1 tsp
Green chilies (chopped): 2-3 tsp
Yellow mustard seeds: 1 tbsp
Poppy seeds : 1 tbsp
Coconut (scraped): 4 tbsp
Mustard oil: 1 tbsp
Black and white peppercorns: 1 tsp
Cinnamon: 1″stick
Green chillies (slit): 2
Turmeric powder: 1tsp
Salt to taste

Method to Prepare:
Wash and de-vein the prawns well and clean it properly.

Dry roast both the white and black peppercorns and cinnamon stick. Grind them together in a mortar and pestle to a fine mix.

Soak the white (yellow) mustard seeds, poppy seeds for half an hour and grind them together with green chilies, ginger and salt. Add the ground spice mix, turmeric powder and the scraped coconut along with very little water. Grind it well to make a thick, creamy and smooth paste and add raw mustard oil.

Apply the mustard-poppy paste evenly and generously on prawns (coating each of the pieces well) and place the prawns in a container with lid.
Pour little more mustard oil on top of the fish, place the green chillies and close the lid.
Steam the chingri or prawns for 8-10 minutes.

Steaming can be done in a pressure cooker (remove the weight), in a steamer container or in a water bath (whereby fill the skillet ¾ th with water , bring it to first boil and leave the tightly sealed steel container in the boiling water).

Serve the hot bhapa chingri with steamed rice.

bhapa chingri

Bhapa chingri or steamed prawns


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