Five ultimate summer appetizers that you will love

summer beaches

Flip – flops ; short – shorts ; sun – glasses ; sun – screens ; sun-kissed – hair ; chill mojitos …. are you ready for the Summer party ?

Summer is the perfect time for al fresco dining, barbecue evenings and lone star-gazing nights. Present here are five summer appetizers that will make your evenings more delightful and yummylicious !

1) Barbecue chicken wings – you hear me right ! Chicken wings fried or baked ; barbecued or grilled is must for any Summer party. And the barbecue sauce makes all the differences. Whether you are using your own quick fix barbecue sauce or the branded ones, the lip smacking chicken wings will disappear in no time ! My new favourite barbecue sauce is from Weber and I am loving it, sometimes I add few drops of hot sauce in it too. Add some bourbon whiskey in the sauce, to heighten the flavours, yes I am high on bourbon these days !

buffalo chicken wings

2) Grilled shrimps – unless someone is shrimp intolerant, these are great way to nibble on; small or big shrimps are the perfect and most lovable appetizers, but use the fresh ones only. Simply buttered it and sprinkle a dash of freshly ground peppercorns, shrimps can take many flavours. Try theses grilled shrimps with thousand island dressings with a dash of freshly chopped rosemary and you will be surprised.

grilled roasted shrimps

3) Bacon wrapped jalapenos or dates – Bacon love ! yes we are just bacon fanatics, and no words can express our undying love for it. Real crowd pleaser I must say. Thin strips of bacon wrapped around the dates or jalapeno, easy and most delectable appetizer for your Summer parties. Someone just advertised these as “meat candy” !!! why not !

bacon wrapped appetizer

4) Indian style paneer (cheese) kebab on skewers – Gimme a break ! from all those meaty stuffs 😉 Understandably for your vegetarian friends, here is simple paneer reshmi kebab marinated in yogurt and fragrant Indian spices, then skewered over charcoal for few minutes, will give a nice smoky touch to this popular Indian appetizer. Few drizzle of lemon juice over it and oh boy ! it is so yummmm….

paneer kebab skewers

5) Stuffed chillies with eggplant and olives How many times that bag of colorful chilli peppers has enticed you ? I often fall prey to these peppers ! These sweet Italian peppers are real cocktail appetizers, other than cheese, you can stuff it with some roasted eggplants and kalamata olives for a change and your guest will be surprised by your new innovative ideas !

stuffed chilies


Rock on ! The night has just begun !





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    March 20, 2016 at 3:13 pm

    I can eat that chicken wings 3 times a day 🙂

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