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French Orange Yogurt Bundt Cake Served With Thickened Orange Cream or Indian Basundi

No festival seasons are complete without bundt cakes and November 15 being the national Bundt Cake Day, I baked these beauties in honor of the day and also to satiate my sweet cravings. Christmas is coming and my baking is in full swing.

french yogurt orange cake bundt recipe

But more importantly fresh juicy oranges are in season now and I do not want to miss the opportunity to bake my most loved and cherished orange cakes. These mini bundt cakes are so pretty and adorable, when dressed with orange glaze or sour cream frosting they transformed into prettiest dessert ever. Like Summers are for lemon sour cream pound cakes (I am yet to share that recipe here, every time it vanishes so fast before I get time to take some decent shots), Winters are for oranges and tangerines and also for spicy fruit cakes like this pear cake.

Dense texture, moist crumbs and a hypnotic fragrance of oranges effusing out of it with every single bite, and so buttery that easily melts in your mouth. That’s the goodness of these yogurt cakes. Yogurt cakes are usually known for super soft moist texture, they add extra moisture to the cakes and when react with acidic ingredient like chocolate or lemon or oranges, they also acts as a leavening agent. Thus making the cakes light and airy.

French yogurt orange cake recipe

French yogurt cakes or better known as gateaux de mamie “Grandma’s cake” are perhaps the most simple yogurt cakes that exists, and interestingly not only those petite jars of French yogurt are used in the cake, those jars also acts as a unit of measuring other ingredients of the cake. Like two jars of sugar, three jars of flour, one jar each of yogurt and oil and so on.

These orange yogurt mini bundts are great accompaniments as evening tea time cakes or dress them up with little orange glaze, or sour cream frosting to serve them as an individual desserts.

But let me ask you one thing ?
Have you ever tried a cake with rabdi topping ❓❓❓❓

Yes, you hear me right. Rabdi are quintessential part of any Indian sweet platter for festive occasions, and they are also great as cake toppings.
Some fusions are just scripted in heaven and it will make you fall in ❤️ with them.

orange yogurt mini bundt cake recipe

Still in doubt? Then do try it at least once, am sure you will not look back again.
What could be more heavenly and delish than a piece of traditional French yogurt cake infused with orange zest, orange juice, and orange oil baked to perfection with super moist crumbs, soft melt in mouth texture and heady orange flavour, soaked in orange syrup and then served with orange cream or better known in India as basundi or rabdi with oranges.

Get the Rabdi recipe from here. Orange basundi or Indian thickened orange cream.

French Orange Yogurt Bundt Cake Served With Thickened Orange Cream or Indian Basundi

French Orange Yogurt Bundt Cake Served With Thickened Orange Cream or Indian Basundi
Prep Time30 mins
Cook Time25 mins
Total Time55 mins
Servings: 6
Author: Sukanya Ghosh



  • All purpose flour : 1 1/2 cup
  • Baking Powder : 1 tsp
  • Salt : 1/4 tsp
  • Baking soda : a pinch
  • Brown Sugar : 3/4 cup granulated
  • Yogurt : 1/2 cup + plain and thick set no whey or liquid
  • Eggs : 2
  • Butter: 1/2 cup approx 100 gm softened
  • Orange juice freshly squeezed : 3 tbsp
  • Orange zest : 1 tbsp +
  • Orange oil optional : 1 tsp

orange syrup

  • One cup water
  • Juice of one orange
  • ¼ cup granulated sugar


  • Sift the flour twice or thrice with salt, baking powder and soda..
  • In a deep bowl, cream the butter, sugar and orange zest till light and pale.
  • Whisk in the eggs one at a time. Blend well after each addition.
  • Do not beat the eggs for long, else it will disintegrate.
  • Stir in the orange juice, orange oil.
  • Start adding the flour mix in small batches alternating with yogurt.
  • Blend well after each addition.
  • Start with flour mix and end with yogurt.
  • The batter should be smooth without any lumps, satiny shine and flows smoothly into ribbon folds.
  • That indicates that cake batter is ready.
  • Grease a mini bundt pan very well.
  • Pour in or you can use piping bags too, the batter. Level it up
  • Bake in a preheated oven at 170 C for 20 minute +/- till the center comes out clean.
  • Leave in the cake in the pan for 5 minute, before turning them over onto cooling racks.

Prepare the syrup

  • In a pan, bring to boil everything and wait till the sugar dissolves completely.
  • If you want more sweetener, then add more sugar.
  • Prepare a light almost watery syrup.
  • Poke holes all over the cake with cake tester.
  • Pour the hot syrup over it and let it stand for 10 minute.
  • More than that the cake will turn soggy.
  • Serve the French yogurt orange cake with orange glaze or with Indian rabdi/ thickened orange cream.

Stay tuned for more Holiday Special


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