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Hilsa recipe – II

As I have said Hilsa is one versatile fish and you can literally do anything with that with outstanding results. One thing which I do not like in hilsa recipes is the usage of onions. It simply kills the taste of the fish. Well its again a personal matter of choice!

Hilsa paturi or ilish macher paturi has emerged as one of the signature dish in the class and is mostly smoked in banana (plantain) leaves. In earlier days when LPG gas has not invaded the kitchen, food was usually prepared on the earthen oven fired with charcoal or fire woods. The boneless hilsa marinated in chili-mustard paste or with curd used to be wrapped in gourd, pumpkin or banana leaves and was put in freshly steamed rice container. As the steam was still trapped inside the rice vessel so it uses that to steam the hilsa. This we cannot achieve in the gas stove because of the difference in the temperature.

Recipe at a glance:

If you do not have an access to charcoal fire you can still try this recipe in your home. All you need to do is to make the fish boneless first and then marinate in chili-mustard paste (yellow or white mustard) along with curd or can use the poppy seed paste (to suit your palate) with salt to taste. Pour little mustard oil over it and wrapped in banana leaves (try gourd leaves or pumpkin leaves for that exotic touch). Fold the leaves properly to make a packet and put each packet on a griddle over a charcoal fire. Same thing can be done over gas stove but results do vary.


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