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Homemade Aam Papad / Aam Shotto / Mango Fruit Leather Roll Ups

One bite into these delightful aam papad / aam shotto or mango fruit leather roll ups will take you straight into your childhood days, those good old leisurely summer days.

Aam papad / aam shotto or mango fruit leather roll ups are traditionally made with ripe mangoes sweetened with sugar or jaggery which also acts as preservative and sun dried till fully dehydrated under scorching summer sun. These dehydrated mango sheets were then cut into thin strips or squares and can be rolled up individually or can be layered on one over another, each glistening with glossy and waxy finish like sheen of leather and soft and rubbery to touch.

Traditionally no spices or flavoring agents are added in mango fruit rolls ups but you can always improvise it with spices for more punch.

We are still swimming in mangoes, so I thought of preserving some as fruit leather roll ups and they are ridiculously so simple to make at home too. Plus these are SUGAR FREE.

mango fruit leather aam papad

What kind of mangoes are good for making mango fruit leather roll ups?

Any ripe and sweet mangoes which are pulpy in texture can be used here. Fibrous mangoes wont give you that smooth results.

I however prefer  Alphonso, Kesar, Badami and Himsagar mangoes for making desserts and mango fruit leather roll ups, because of their un-paralleled sweetness and almost fiber less pulp, which makes the work much easier.

Choose carbide free mangoes only.

mango fruit leather

Do we need to add sweetener in the mango fruit leather roll ups?

Sugar or jaggery is most preferred one as sweetener and it entirely depends upon the natural inherent sweetness of the mangoes. If you want to cut down on the sugar, then do pick up the mangoes which are very sweet to taste.

I have used organic Badami mangoes for this recipe which are so sweet that it did not require any added sugar.

You can also use a spoonful of honey too .


How to make the aam papad / mango fruit leather roll ups?

There are four ways of making this.

1)  You can use dehydrator to make these mango fruit leather.

2)  You can make these in conventional oven, by keeping the temperature settings at lowest mark and dry the puree till it is dehydrated completely. This takes around 4-6 hours or more depending upon the thickness of the puree.

3) You can also make these in microwave oven, by following the same process. You have to microwave the puree at half the power (say your highest microwave power is 900 watt, then you need to set the temperature at 450 or close to that whichever is available). Microwave takes much less time to dehydrate the puree, say 5-10 minute. Only disadvantage is that you can not make large batch in microwave at once.

4) Make these mango fruit leathers the traditional way, the way our grandma’s used to make. Dehydrate them under the scorching summer sun for 1-2 days depending upon the amount of direct sunlight you receives.

I have made these mango fruit leathers or aam papad by dehydrating them under the sun I receives in my balcony.

mango fruit leather roll up

What you will need to make these mango fruit leathers / aam papad?

Good quality sweet  ripe / over ripe mangoes.


Parchment paper / silpat baking mat / flat tray.

Good sunlight / oven / microwave / dehydrator.


What seasonings or flavorings I can use?

Go for green cardamom powder or nutmeg powder and pinch of saffron for dessert like flavour.

You can also try bit of lemon juice, dry mango powder, black pepper for tangy and spicy version.

I have not used any spices and flavouring agent in my mango fruit leathers as I want to keep the taste pure and un blended.

Mango Fruit Leather Roll Ups / Aam Papad

Mango Fruit Leather Roll Ups / Aam Papad are delightful healthy snacks made by pureed mango which is then dehydrated and preserved as mango fruit leather.
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time6 hrs
Course: Snack
Cuisine: Indian
Keyword: aam papad recipe, aam shotto recipe, Mango fruit leather, mango fruit roll ups
Author: Sukanya Ghosh


  • 4 Mangoes, peeled and cubed
  • Sugar / jaggery / honey as per requirement. optional


  • Choose very good ripe and sweet mangoes. So that you do not have to add sugar.
  • Wash and peel the mangoes. Cube them. Blend it in blender till satiny smooth.
    If you are using sweetener or spices and flavourings, add them in the blender with the mango itself and puree them.
    DO NOT ADD WATER while blending it.
  • Spread the puree evenly (take care of the edges too, do not spread too thin at the edges) 1/4 inch thick on to any of the following - on a baking tray lined with parchment paper or silpat baking mat or any flat steel tray.
    If you are using steel tray then grease them with little bit of oil.
  • I have tried both the method.
    For me in the oven, it take around 5 hour to dehydrate it at 100 C. It may take more time depending upon the thickness of the puree.
    If you are drying it under the sun it will take around 2 days. Make sure to keep the tray with puree under direct sunlight.
  • Once the puree is dry and not sticky to the touch, you can peel away the sheets easily and remove from the oven.
    Since I have sun dried them, I had simply cut them into thin strips and roll them up.
  • Place the dried mango sheets onto parchment paper, cut into strips and roll them up.
  • Store in air tight container at room temperature up to 2 weeks or refrigerate up to 1 month.


How to store the mango fruit leathers or aam papad?

Place the wrapped mango fruit leathers in airtight moisture free glass jars at room temperature up to 2 weeks, when kept in cool and dark place, or you can refrigerate up to one month. If there is a moisture or humidity in the air, keep a close eye on your fruit leathers for any mold growth.

I have kept mine in an airtight container in refrigerator for up to one month.

Are these mango fruit leathers / aam papad are healthy?

These mango fruit leathers / aam papad are absolutely healthy snacks and good for kids too as long as these are homemade and you can keep a check on the added sugar. That is the reason, always choose your mangoes with utmost care. Mangoes need to be extra sweet and over ripe.

Wondering what to do with excess mango puree? Freeze it or else you can try these delicious desserts –

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Aamras or flavoured Mango puree.

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