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Pumpkin pie with ginger spiced chocolate crust for Halloween

It’s that time of the year again for scary movies, costume parties, pumpkin patches, witch houses, corn mazes and even in the midst of Sandy storm that ravages the East coast, lurking the people in darkness (STAY SAFE !), on a lighter  note a true Halloween movie shown by “Sandy” the “Ghost”, a party spoiler, and on such ghostly days, a warm dessert like our beloved pumpkin pie brings smile and comfort to our hearts.

pumpkin pie

Even in Halloween, dessert comes first, actually for me it is always dessert that comes first ! pumpkin being my new muse, I fell in love with this pumpkin pie. Well, certainly this is not the first time I baked this pumpkin pie, last year too I tried a similar attempt but failed miserably, reason being my extra adventurous nature. I thought to make this from scratch, and by that I mean making your own pumpkin puree .

Well, how difficult it is that ? With zero experience in selecting a good pumpkin to squashing the pulp out of it, an experience worth not repeating again. So this time I thought of using the canned pumpkin puree, a friend of mine finally convinced me in buying this one, and it yields good result much to my satisfaction.
pumpkin pie

When it comes to Halloween party, and with pumpkin being the lone star, there is no need to keep the chocolate lovers out of the party, that will be insane, don’t you think so ? Chocolates and pumpkins are perhaps the best matched pair and re discovered by me on my recent venture into the pumpkin brownies. Ideas galore, will try the brownies later, and now on to the pie crust.

No need to tell me that cookies makes such nice crispy crust, I found this genius idea year ago when I baked my first cheesecake, so this time it  was the time for some ginger snap cookies which not only will add the crunch to the crust but will also spiced up the chocolate. Oohhh… I love this crust even more than the pie itself !

pumpkin pie So idea was to use the ginger snap cookies for crust and when mixed with chocolate it  brings out the full fall flavour, and for the filling, I have used both half n half milk and heavy cream, part guilty of using the cream and part not guilty of using half n half, so you understand my point right ? Then why wait … Dig it on …..

Recipe: Pumpkin pie with ginger spiced chocolate crust

Summary: Delicious pumpkin pie with a crunchy and rich chocolate crust spiced up with ginger


  • For the pie crust :
  • Ginger snap cookies : 20
  • Dark chocolate : 1 1/2 ounce
  • Cocoa powder : 2 tbsp
  • Butter (softened) : 3/4 stick or 6 tbsp
  • For the Pumpkin pie filling:
  • Pumpkin puree : 1 can / 15 oz
  • Brown sugar : 3/4 cup
  • Half n half milk : 1/2 cup
  • Heavy cream : 1/2 cup
  • Pumpkin pie spice : 2 tsp
  • Eggs : 2
  • Salt : 1/4 tsp


  1. To make ginger chocolate crust :
  2. Preheat the oven to 375 F.
  3. Crush the ginger snap cookies and pulse them in a mixer till it resembles fine crumbs.
  4. Strain the crumbs to discard any large pieces.
  5. In a mixing bowl add the ginger snap cookie crumbs, add the softened butter, molten chocolate, cocoa powder and mix it well.
  6. Pour the mixture into the pie tin and spread the mixture evenly (base + walls of the pie tin) with the help of a spatula.
  7. Refrigerate the pie crust for 2 hours to 24 hours.
  8. Blind bake the crust at 375 F for 15 minutes.
  9. Take off from the oven and cool it completely.

To make Pumpkin pie filling :

  1. Preheat the oven at 375 F.
  2. Mix brown sugar with the pumpkin spice and salt.
  3. Beat the eggs in a separate bowl.
  4. Whisk the pumpkin puree with eggs, half n half milk and heavy cream until smooth.
  5. Stir in the sugar, spice mixture and whisk until no lumps of sugar are seen.
  6. Pour the pumpkin pie filling into the prepared chocolate pie crust.
  7. Bake in the oven at 375 F for 45 minutes until the center of the pie remains wobbly or needle inserted in the middle comes out almost clean.
  8. Cool the pumpkin pie in the pan for 2 hours before serving.

Quick notes

Make your own pumpkin pie spice:

by mixing 1 tsp of ground cinnamon with 1/4 tsp each of ground cloves, ground ginger, ground nutmeg, ground allspice and ground mace.

Preparation time: 30 minute(s)

Cooking time: 1 hour(s)

Diet type: Vegetarian

Number of servings (yield): 6

Culinary tradition: USA (General)

My rating 5 stars: ★★★★★ 1 review(s)

pumpkin pie

Enjoy the pumpkin pie with a dollop of whipped cream on top or with some hot chocolate sauce if you prefers.

Happy Halloween

Boo !!!



  • Reply
    Suman Arthy
    October 31, 2012 at 10:56 am

    Delicious looking pie!

  • Reply
    November 2, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    Absolutely delicious!!! Gonna to try this…

    Dish in 30 minutes event with Giveaway ~ sweets

  • Reply
    November 6, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    Wow.. LOVELY ! perfect for the season!

  • Reply
    November 20, 2012 at 12:27 am

    Great recipe idea! Two questions, 1) What size pie tin did you use? I used a 9 inch as well as a 9 and a 1/2 inch and just made a little more to accommodate the larger pan. 2) Do you use sweetened cocoa or unsweetened? Your recipe does not specify.

    • Reply
      November 20, 2012 at 8:18 am

      Hi Erin, thanks for visiting us. Coming to your queries – we have used 9 and 1/2 inch pan and the cocoa is unsweetened. Thanks for mentioning these, we will soon update the post with the specifications.

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