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Coffee date with Mr.Beans – Home Cafe- a restaurant review

Cobbled streets, solitary neighborhood, beautiful patios adorned with flowers of multiple hues, colorful facades, cozy little sidewalk cafe with tables idly waiting all day long, streets humming with music of distant accordionist and you wish days just faded away while you lounge at the corner cafe, sipping the Parisienne coffee , life could not be more blissful.
A glimpse of life from a quaint European town which could transform itself into a cozy Home Cafe nestled right on the shadowy lanes of Kormangala in Bangalore. Forget the cobbled streets, and the accordionist, the leafy neighbourhood will surprise you, more so when you stepped inside inhaling the aroma from freshly brewed coffee.


When I left Bangalore few years back, the food scenario of Bangalore was in its infancy and now it has become bustling hub where flavours mingles from all over the world. So when I was invited to review a coffee joint, honestly speaking I was not that much excited but the moment I stepped inside it changed my perspective. I was so delighted to discover this quaint and charming cafe.

The Background

mr beans home cafe

More than a decade back, on a hot and humid Monsoon day 12 July, 2002, Mr. Beans opens its first cafe in Indore, expanded its base further to tier II cities like Jaipur, Ludhiana, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, and then in Banglaore, its first metropolitan location.  At the time of its inception it was based on the unique concept of lounge cafe that serves more than a sandwich and muffin to its guest. May be that was its unique selling point and back then in India there were hardly any European style cafe that matches this. Decade later, it has revived its menu with all European breakfast, pizzas, pastas and few Mexican delights too to appease the well-travelled IT crowds and young collegians who are exposed to multi cuisine fare from around the world. With few awards in its kitty as the best coffee joint, it is raring to go further.


The Ambiance


The vintage style arched windows and doors painted in bright sky blue offsetting with the neutral shades of white and yellow at places, the interior decor was interesting with odd-looking lamps hanging down from the ceiling, walls adorned with quotes and portraits, retro looking comfy scoop back sofas insisting on a laid back attitude.

mr beans home cafe

The best part of this cafe is that it has no central sitting area, in fact looks more like a bungalow converted into cafe, rooms flowing into one another with interesting and eclectic mix of decor.

mr beans kormangala

If you love Al Fresco style dining then Mr.Beans offers a functional seating area on the outside, with low seating stools and tables painted in bright blue color in the midst of a garden like ambience with planters and watering cans hanging here and there.



A secluded place just for you two, or a big table for your group with added advantage of foosball, or a solitary corner where you can slipped quietly with your beverage and a book. In short, this place exudes coziness all over and stand true to its name ‘Home Cafe’ it will make you feel like home.

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, you can lounge your day sitting idly lost in your thoughts or catch up with your pals at leisure, the cafe will ensure it that you will not return hungry to your den.


The Food

Unlike the popular notion of cafe that it serves only the breads, muffins and sandwiches as a complement to the beverages, Home Cafe will surprise you with its all day breakfast and dining menu. Yes, you have read it right ! They have an all day breakfast menu serving a hearty plate of eggs, sausages, ham, salami and mashed potatoes. Understandably if it is inspired from the French style cafe then it true to its concept.


However the parallelism between the two ends there, as it has revived its menu with international cuisines from crusty pizzas, creamy pastas, bruschetta, chocolate waffles, nachos, quesadilla to French crepes complementing with a range of hot beverages like cappuccino, French kiss or cold delights like choco Irish, Cafe Veroncia or even pair it with gourmet Srilankan tea or  best with non-caffeine shakes and smoothies.


The dessert however looks rather pale in comparison to other sections, except cheesecake (my personal weakness) nothing interest me. However if you love waffles then you are at the right place with right flavours and sauces and there are ice creams to make it more appealing.

What We Tasted

We were running late for lunch, so ordered a creamy alfredo mushroom pasta infused with basil and creamy chicken crepe. A cocktail delight and kit kat shake to complement it. The plating was casual but looks good, pasta was al dente and soaked generously in the creamy sauce with basil on top. Perfect, just the way it should be. Neither too cheesy.


Portion was enough for one if you are so hungry or you can split it between two. If you have tasted savory crepes in any international restaurants, you will find this to be little different. So naturally it did not live up to my expectations but nevertheless I loved it the way it was. But before writing off the crepes, I would love to give another shot to its French dessert crepes.


Service & Hygiene

Service was good and prompt though it took a while for the food to arrive. But no complaints. When you are in relaxing mood, you don’t rushed to gobble up the things on your plate. I have personally made a short visit to the kitchen and I must say it is well maintained and clean.



If you are in the vicinity or even if you have to drive 20 km in Bangalore traffic, you must try this Home Cafe at least once. You will find Mr.Beans very very charming.

This place is unique, refreshing, charming, not your regular coffee joint and food is really great.

Someday I will definitely return for its eggy breakfast menu, tit bits and dessert crepes and may be for that delicious chocolate molten lava cakes that become the talk of the town.

Moreover the price is just right and dinner for two would cost anything between 600 -1000 INR.


Score Card

Location – 4/5

Ambience – 5/5

Food – 3.5/5

Service – 3/5

Value for money – 4/5


The noise level was high but then the place is meant to be for the youngsters. Expecting it to be more calm and quiet and once you cross 30 you tend to be more sensitive to noises.

The main counter was too busy and wore a deserted look except few lined up cans of Fanta. How I wish it could fill up with stacks of baked goodies. It looks attractive.

When we talk about dessert, the only thing that comes into my mind is a delightful mousse, or more precisely a coffee mousse would be perfect like a cherry on top. Are you listening Mr. Beans ?


Address @ Bangalore

Mr.Beans Home cafe

No. 651 Tank road, 3rd block, Kormangala, Next to Karnataka bank atm, Bangalore – 34

Opening hours – 8.30 am – 11.30 pm

*We were invited by the cafe to review it. Views expressed here are discreetly reserved with author.*

Thanks for being with us,

Until next



  • Reply
    April 11, 2014 at 11:04 am

    The place looks delightful. You have captured the essence beautifully. Nothing like coffee to cheer me up this Friday, even if it’s just virtual. 🙂

  • Reply
    May 12, 2014 at 6:50 pm

    Hey.. The place seems like a great hangout. I guess, I will be going to Mr. Beans Cafe along with my friends very soon! 🙂

    • Reply
      May 15, 2014 at 1:13 pm

      Yes Priyanka, thats a cool place to hangout, very comfy and leisurely atmosphere, plus food is good too. if you visit there, do share your opinions with us. We would highly appreciate this.


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