How can you score major discounts with your online shopping cart

Weekends are perhaps the most precious time of the week. As precious as gold, the moments to spend time with your kids, to soak yourself in the warm scented bubble bath, or cozily cuddle in the arms of your better half and doing nothing. To mend the growing trellis of your small garden, to read your favourite book or simply doing nothing soaking lazily the afternoon sun. Isnt it sounds pretty delicious?

Now imagine this. Morning started with scanning the fridge and pantry to make grocery list, a huge one because you don’t want to run to the same store again and again, straddling through the snarling traffic, the clogged roads if it rains the previous day, rushing yourself early to get the parking space before anyone snatched it from you by arriving few seconds early or scanning the markets to get the right color for your cushion covers or to wait in a huge queue before the billing counter or before the trial rooms. Your lunch is getting delayed, frustrated and after spending two hours at the same store you realize that the particular brand of sugar is unavailable as you have recently hooked up to sulphur less, unrefined variety. When the clock ticks 10 pm in the night, you realize that oh…tomorrwo is Monday. I have seen the weekend approaching….


If you think it is coming, it is in fact has arrived…who ? your online shopping cart. With the broadband invasion, the emergence of smartphones, the wi-fi enabled cafe and increasingly tech savvy population the e-commerce in India is going bigger and better than ever. While you enjoy the bubble bath and soak yourself in the luxe of lavender-scented hair mask, your shopping for cushion covers, and the grocery list has been well taken care of by the online e-tailers, who will ensure that the goods will be delivered the same day.

There are however few simple tricks to follow to score discounts on your online shopping:

1) Leave items in your cart :

Select the items and put it in your wish list. Or make a dummy purchase and leave the items in your cart, but do not checkout. Wait for 24 hours and you soon will get a low-stock alert from them, do not fret, wait and then few special discount offer with better price will land up in your email. This has happened to me three to four times with extremely popular two online e-tailers but can not say that for every e-tailers. Do try this trick and yes you have to sign up for an account with them, it will work only then.

2) Fan them in social media like Facebook:

Many online retailers gives exclusive coupons or great deals to their Facebook fans. I have used it two times in a pizza outlet.

3) Sign up for email alerts :

Most of the online retailers will send you straight 30% off coupon vouchers or maximum of 1000 Rs off on your purchase if you simply  join their newsletter or mailing list. Use multiple email ids to get multiple unique coupon codes.

4) Compare and trust

Before hitting the checkout option, be sure to compare the prices online with its competitors and also with in-line stores.

Trust does not build in a day. The same applies to your favourite brick-mortar stores and to the online retailer as well. So, start first with small size purchases, scrutiny their services, return policies, customer support before jumping onto the big wagon. Slowly you will understand what to purchase from their and what not to.

Specially in country like India where the demography is largely varied with different rates of demand and supply, make sure if the reviews are good for your city, then go with it. Else test the water before start swimming into it.

In short, online shopping saves money and it is hassle free. It saves TIME. Time is priceless.



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