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{Product Review} Garnet glow tea – India’s first ever bespoke tea blends

Life is like cup of tea, to be filled to the brim and enjoyed with friends. Tea is the elixir of life and being a tea connoisseur I prefer my tea high in flavour notes and good and earthy in taste. I am not addicted to any one kind of tea but I love to explore the different flavours and blends. I prefer my first cup of tea to be mellow, with a fruity and flowery aroma, just like the first flush of golden sun. More so, because I always prefer my tea without milk. And that is the reason I have strong affinity with the Darjeeling teas, green or black I have deep love for them. At times I prefer to make my own blend with my secret stash of prized Darjeeling oolong blended with green teas, few sprinkles of dried rose or jasmine thrown in good measure with some citrusy under notes of orange. Monsoon however are perfect for masala tea powered with goodness of holy basil.

garnet glow tea review

So when I had received Garnet glow tea’s samples for tasting review, I was naturally excited, more so because of the flavour combos that has surprised me. I had received three samples, one each of Darjeeling mist tea, Peach black tea and Jasmine green tea.

As you know I have a weakness for Darjeeling teas, so I tried that one first. Just like the hills covered in mist, the perfectly oxidized black tea leaves slowly unfurl its flavours as the dried leaves opened up when steep deep in hot water for preferably 4-5 minutes. A mellowy sunshine fill the cup to the brim and as you slowly warmed up in its afterglow the day promises to be a good one. Sunshiny, warm, hopeful and energetic.

Next sample was of Peach flavoured black tea. I love fruity flavours in teas. I had tried many international brands of teas that sells fruity flavours like apple, peach, mango and coconut. Apple and peach are my all time favourite ones. Peach teas also goes well with baked desserts and pannacotta. If you have not tried them, then you must initiate it once. You will love them. Peach is summer fruit and the tea is perfect for this hot tropical weather. But I found it perfect as an iced tea. Apart from ginseng, peach is another flavour that goes really well as an iced tea. Try that with a dash of honey and sprig of basil.

indian tea review

My first floral tea was the chamomile and since then I had deliberately avoided floral teas except the rose. Few moons ago I had tried jasmine tea in a high-tea lounge and the tea base was exotic white tea of Makaibari. Some blends are just so perfect that you can not think of another substitutions. For long I had these notion that jasmine tea can be made with white tea only, lightly scented and soothing for soul. Little did I know that most common base is green tea for jasmine. So when I received the jasmine green tea from Garnet glow, I was surprised. With much apprehension, I tried that one. I prefer green teas with mild, mellow flavour and steep light, not more than 2 minutes, just as the first rays of golden sunshine hit the cup, I strain the leaves out. I was charmed by its elegance and beautiful floral fragrance that lingers with you through out the day.

Garnet glow is India’s first bespoke tea, with vast collection of finest tea leaves from the tea gardens of India, Japan and China, carefully picked tea bases matched perfectly with exotic flavours and custom made blends.

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